Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Once Upon a Snow Day...

Dear Friends,

We've been having lots of fun playing in the snow this past week, with all the winter storms bearing in on us; we almost feel like we're back in Idaho (but we know it will melt before April)!

The birds have been grateful for all the seeds we've been putting out, and we hope that many more people are doing the same.

There have been a few extra "snow birds" hanging around, as well!

We hope that you are staying warm and dry, dear friends, whatever the weather may bring you. Here's to the treasures of the snow!




  1. So nice to see children outside enjoying the snow!

  2. Your kids are so cute...they look like a younger you! And the cardinal looks so regal!

  3. I'm cold just looking at the photos!

    Got your letter today--CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Couldn't wait to put that in a letter. Will write this week.

  4. Dear Mami,
    The birds look so wonderful in the snow! Have a Nice day~
    I love you and I like you!
    Love ~ Tasha the ☻"Snow Bird"☺

  5. Hi! I grew up in north-western PA and the homes there are not historic or as nice. But the rolling hills are nice.

    I always have a hard time tending to my dog...because I just don't have the love for pets as my children and it bothers me how some people put pets above children. But I appreciate them as God's creatures and our companions in life. Have a fun weekend with your children!

  6. I heard you were a lot of snow. Looks like a lot of fun. Clarice

  7. What beautiful snow angels you have! There was nothing quite as fun in the winter as a snowy slope and a sled. WHHHEEEEE!

  8. No snow for us yet this year,but when we do get some..its always an exciting time for all...looks like y'all were having a good time too :) The birds enjoy the snow as well...I do believe! Blessings dear friend.


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