Wednesday, March 6, 2013

When the Snow Turns to Slush

Dear Friends,

When the fun of sledding and snow-sculpting have worn thin (along with the snow on the front lawn), what could be more fun than making up a big batch of Play Dough and setting up a "bakery?"

When the Play Dough is no longer fun, then you find other forms of entertainment.

This house sparrow makes me feel guilty for not having a heated birdbath... maybe someone will get me one for my birthday (hint, hint!).

And lastly, AnnaMarie and Audrey have been entertaining us with creating beautiful music, such as the following video~

I hope you're having a lovely week!




  1. Dear Marqueta,

    A huge round of applause for AnnaMarie and Audrey! That was splendid! Very lovely, and they are both lovely!

    Love the sweet faces in the other pictures too. There is no lack of entertainment at your house, I see!


  2. You always think of the most fun things to do, Marqueta! Beautiful children. You can tell that your natural way of life is very good for both body and soul.

  3. Play Dough is always fun,and they have really improved it since from the days when my children were little ones. I don't know if many kids play with it as once upon a time,but I am happy to know some still do :) Here I am,talking as if I created
    Blessings friend

  4. Yeah! What Lynn and Jane said (and then some!) Have I ever told you that yours is an "exquisite" family? Well, it is!



  5. clap clap clap clap! Very nice!
    Me too, about the birdbath...I've seen them chiseling away at the ice...poor things.

    play dough is so classic...always fun. Although your little boy has other ideas :)

  6. Marqueta,

    AnnaMarie and Audrey play such beautiful music. It is a joy to listen to them! And what wonderful ideas on how to stay busy when it is slushy outdoors!

  7. Oh, I do remember the days of playdough! And tell AnnaMarie and Audrey that I very much enjoyed their beautiful concert. :)


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