Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Birthday to Tasha

Dear Friends,

Yet another birthday has been celebrated in the Graham household! Miss Tasha turned a big twelve years old, and we made her promise that she wouldn't get any older (We'll see if she keeps her promise!).

We made her a cake of kiwis, cantaloupe, and in-between "icing" of coconut flakes, dates, and coconut yogurt~ it was light and delicious!

Everyone was excited to see the fun things she received for presents (like this Sculpey to make items for her dollhouse)~

And to top it all off, we had a picnic and went berry-picking to celebrate her special day~

Unfortunately, someone seemed to have made all the berries disappear before we could bring any home. . .

We explored a path in the woods. . .

. . . And found a school of baby catfish in a quickly-drying up river.

As well as some delicious Dryad's Saddle mushrooms, which were perfectly young and tender, and tasted, forgive the cliche, just like white chicken meat.

A grandfather Sycamore tree resides in these woods, and we had to use our bodies to measure how big across he was (next time we'll remember a measuring tape). There is always a special feeling walking through the woods, and we love to go there as much as possible. It was a wonderful way to celebrate another year of life of a wonderful girl.




  1. Happy birthday! Tasha (and her hair) is (are) beautiful! Her cake looks delicious and refreshing! Sculpey is so much fun! I even have some from years ago sitting around, still packaged, but obviously hardened. cute about the berries.

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl....blessings

  3. Happy Birthday, to sweet Tasha! Your day looks wonderful! Love the nature pictures. Love, Lynn

  4. Dear Marqueta,
    First, A happy birthday to Tasha! Those braids in the top photo... Beautiful, just beautiful...
    You have such a lovely family.. It looks as though all had a fine celebration...
    blessings to you,

  5. Happy birthday, Tasha! I love your braids! Hope you make something wonderful with your Sculpey.

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet Tasha--I agree no growing up...LOL!

  7. What a lovely day in celebration, the auburn braids, the kiwi cake, the berry picking (and eating) the trees in the woods. . .
    Happy Birthday to your daughter Tasha.
    Miss Karen

  8. A happy belated birthday to Miss Tasha! Your birthday adventures look delightful!

  9. Happy Birthday to your big girl! A gorgeous day, that hair is amazing.

    My girls are actually making tiny sculpy cakes right now for their hamster bakery! Funny coincidence.

    And as for the berries, well we are right there with you. (in reference to may latest post)


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