Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas is Coming!

Dear Friends,

Christmas is coming, ready or not. I must admit that every year leaves me feeling like hiding under a rock, as I try to remember all of the little things that make one's loved ones feel remembered. :) But I do love the spare moment that I have to stop and think of the Savior's birth, and all that He means to me, especially while cuddling with a baby by our little tree.

We've been busy singing and playing carols for various nursing homes in the area, as well as participating at church parties and meetings. AnnaMarie and Audrey are at this moment getting ready to play the harp and violin for our church's choir, while Tasha will be singing along with them.

Visiting with the forgotten elderly~

We make door knob ornaments and hand them out as a way of letting the residents know we love them

On top of  all that performing, the children will be performing their 10th annual home-made Nutcracker ballet, for their proud parents and other close family and friends. It is such fun to see them develop their talents each year, and the creative ways they have of throwing costumes together from whatever's lying around the house! 
We are all missing our Grandma Graham this time of year, since Christmas was always her favorite. She delighted in spoiling her grandchildren especially at Christmas, making their stockings to hang up, as well as night clothes to open on Christmas Eve. I am almost through stitching Hyrum's stocking, using the pattern that his grandma left behind. She was working on a felt                   ornament collection of the nativity, and we will be using that to decorate the front of the stocking.It's the little things that mean a lot this time of year, and each year that passes makes us love the little things even more.

May your Christmas celebrations bring you the peace of Christ and joy, and may we all live in appreciation of all that He has done for us.

To God be the glory,



  1. Enjoy these days mi Amiga :-) ... m.b.

  2. Seriously, Marqueta--you make me feel like a slacker, the way you are so industrious about your home and community! Hyrum is getting bigger every day. The NUTCRACKER is my all time favorite ballet, would love to see the children perform. You will have to video it and post on YOUTUBE. BTW--have you seen my channel yet? If so, do you like it? Merry Christmas, my dear friend.

  3. Christmas love to you and yours dear friend....blessings

  4. What a dear sweet family you have, Marqueta! Wishing you all a blessed Christmas.

  5. So sweet! Thank you so much for the Christmas card and please thank the children for me. I love the precious ornament! Merry Christmas!

  6. I love Ken and you! I sang at old folks' homes last year, but not this year. Thank YOU, however, for doing it! LOVE! Daniel

  7. God be the glory indeed! Happy new year! Love Daniel


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