Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy St. Nicholas Eve

Dear Friends,

We are getting ready for bed (early, just to be extra good) this evening, in anticipation of the arrival of St. Nicholas. We hope that he has dressed extra warm, since it's freezing cold outside!

It's nice to have such roomy footwear to hold carrots for St. Nicholas' horse, as well as any gifts he'd like to leave us~

Thankfully the house is nice and warm, since Pete the Parakeet would not be a happy boy. Doesn't he look all innocent and non-finger biting in this picture? :)

One of our Christmas cactuses is putting on a display for us right now. The beautiful blooms of this plant spell "Christmas" for me even more than the tree, since the original starts came from my grandmother's house of happy childhood memories. They are an easy care plant that handles underwatering and low light very well, and are very long-lived.

Meanwhile, downstairs in Dollton, the dolls are putting up their decorations and getting ready for Christmas as well (to tell the truth, I think they're having way more fun than we big folks are!)

 Since Mr. Graham was called to be the bishop of our local congregation, I've been doing my best to make sure that there are always fresh flowers to beautify the podium. I bought red poinsettias for the month of December, and we were able to enjoy them on our table with our Advent wreath for a few days, as well. Red and green were my deceased mother-in-law's favorite colors, so I'm sure she would have approved. We are certainly missing her during this special time of year, which she loved so well.

May you all stay warm and dry this night, and may the peace of the season rest in your hearts.




by Eleanor Farjeon

Nicholas, Saint of Children,
Loves to spend his wealth
On pretty toys for girls and boys,
Leaving them by stealth.
The wind in the chimney
Hears children call:
"Bring me this, Saint Nicholas!
Bring me that, Saint Nicholas!
           A silky scarf,
           A bag of sweets,
           A big gold ball!" 
Nicholas, Saint of Sailors,
Children of the sea,
When their sails are torn by gales
Close at hand is he.
The wind in the rigging
Hears the sailors cry:
"Save us here, old Nicholas!
Save us there, good Nicholas!
           Saint of Sailors,
           Bring us safe
           Home, high and dry!"


  1. Dolltown looks to be a very busy place, with a large population! I have always preferred St Nicholas to Santa Claus, I like the idea and the look of him. In my artwork, it always the the old fashioned, slender St Nicholas, walking with his stick through the wintry woods. Bless you and yours, including little Pete!

  2. We also do St. Nicholas instead of Santa. I told my son that he was a good man in the church, and that his example of giving is one we follow in giving to others. Love the cactus--unfortunately, I could probably kill it. I think I inherited my mom's black thumb with house plants. Congrats to Mr. Graham on his bishop appointment.

  3. Dear Marqueta,
    I love the pictures! The girls are absolutely darling!!! Beautiful! The Christmas cactus is so pretty. Perhaps I should go out and get one for my "loft."

  4. Hoping you continue to stay warm, cosy and healthy in the coming season. I'm sure St Nicholas would be more than happy to bring some gifts to the lovely Graham family!
    Very nice to catch up with you, dear Marqueta.

  5. It's all beautiful, especially the Christmas Cactus!!!!! stay warm!!! we are warm in Florida and *have* to keep our cold a/c on!! ...we have a live Christmas tree and hot coca and that is about as winter-y we can get, but I do love it!

  6. Happy belated St. Nicholas day! I thought perhaps the dolls had put out their shoes too!

  7. I love seeing all you have been up to! Everyone is growing up so fast! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful December dear friend!

  8. Dear Marqueta,
    First I want to congratulate you on the birth of your son!!
    Wishing you a very blessed Christmas! You know, whenever I watch Little Women now (the one with Winona Ryder), I think of you and your girls. :)


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