Saturday, January 25, 2014

Someone Had a Birthday~

Dear Friends,

Our oh-so-stylish Evangeline had a birthday this week, making her an official Nine Year-Old. You can see by the photo above how excited she was!

We are so grateful to have our little Dolly (as we affectionately call her) in our family for another year. Besides keeping us entertained with themes and variations of songs on the piano, she has been such a great help with little Hyrum, offering to hold him and change his diaper because she loves babies so much. She will be a great mommy someday!

Below are a few photos of the day, plus a photo shoot Tasha took of her wearing some of her favorite clothes~ Enjoy.




  1. Dearest Mum,

    I haven't commented on your blog for months, though you know I am always reading your lovely posts. :)

    Anyway, Evangeline certainly is the most fashionable, trés chic one of us all, I must say! And especially so in her gold, shiny dress in the first two pictures. She should start a fashion line called "Dolly's Duds," or something more elegant sounding. . . ehehe.

    I love you and I like you! <3

    ✖ Audrey

  2. Beautiful child, not sure Frankie is appreciating that big snog though bless him! Great outfit, love the boots and the hat. I can't seem to find a hat that doesn't make me look like a muppet! Have to for go the looks though because it is so cold and wet here all of the time and I need to be warm.

  3. sweet! Happy b'day!
    On another note, Marqueta, please take off my old blog (w/the of before the bees and buttercups) as I quit this one a year ago and it is taken over by a very bad site. (don't click on it even...I didn't but I saw a snippet on another person's blog). I have started a recipe blog, and just the other day got back the beesandbuttercups name, but not the one with the "Of" in front. So, look on your blog list and delete the "of " one. So sorry there is this bad out there!

  4. Oh my goodness...look how much they grow :) Happy Birthday to your darling girl... m.

  5. Looks like she had a lovely the photo sweet....blessings to all

  6. I could quote your "most of our days" section and put my name on it because it's EXACTLY how I feel. Homeschooling is such a blessing. How else could we foster this amazing lifestyle we enjoy so much?


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