Friday, May 30, 2014

The Flowers of May

Dear Friends,

May is drawing to a close, but she has left us a bounty of floral memories to look back upon! The parade of flowers seems to go by at the speed of light, each type lasting only a short while, but then being replaced by something just as sweet.

Strawberries are definitely something sweet that flowers leave behind!

We bought a new chamomile plant to replace last year's, and then had lots of seedlings pop up as well. Peter Rabbit's mum would be so happy.

The Horsemint {which isn't really a mint} looks like fireworks in the sky~

An elder bush surprised us by sprouting up in the daffodils right along the front walk. A gift from the little people?

Our irises were especially beautiful this year, but then we say that every year!

And what can we say about this cute little flower? Thankfully he is much longer-lasting than those other types!



  1. May is a glorious month indeed! How wonderful that your garden is blooming so
    splendidly: ~)

  2. Oh my! Baby is getting so big! He looks just like Mr. Graham. Beautiful irises. I enjoyed your last post, also. How I'd love to spend some time with you and learn all about foraging.

  3. Beautiful flowers indeed, most especially that last one :) Blessings my friends

  4. Marqueta, such lovely flower friends (and the baby of course!)! I've never seen a horsemint flower before. It does look like fireworks! :-)

  5. The month of May is my favorite. The flower tour at Birdsong Cottage is delightful. I've forgotten how pretty German camomile is. That horsemint reminds me of our bee balm. I've not seen it in person before. The little strawberries, here in June, never fail to amaze us with their flavor. What bounty we have all around us. And in by lives of our loved ones, especially.


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