Saturday, May 3, 2014

Welcome May!

Dear Readers,

May has come at last, and rainy April has left a bounty of wild things and flowers in her wake. We have finally been able to put the two tropical milkweeds outside that have been battling aphids all winter on the kitchen windowsill. We are little by little setting up a Monarch Waystation, with as much milkweed as we can get our hands on. We started some from seed, but something has been munching on them, and only one seedlings remains. Such is gardening!

Spring is such a busy, "everything has to be done at once" season, but we feel a surge of energy from the pulsing earth, and love to get our hands in the soil and take part in making this world a more beautiful place.

The dandelion blossoms and violets are in plentiful supply for only a few more days, so we've been picking as many as we can. We currently have dandelion blossoms steeping in honey and grape seed oil, and the whole dandelion plant steeping in apple cider vinegar. There are lots of  ways to enjoy its benefits! I had Tasha film me talking about dandelions yesterday, and we're working on getting the video on YouTube (finally!).

My trick for getting greens into my family's bodies is by pureeing them in my Blendtec blender, then adding them into baked goods. The vitamins and minerals are in there, and no one can taste them; I call it magic. :)
Garlic Mustard is invasive, yet welcome in salads and cooked greens.

I love the solar-powered fountain that we bought last year for the bird bath; it keeps the water mosquito-free and makes a relaxing sound whilst we work in the garden. See those violets in the background? They are stock-full of Vitamin C, and nice lung medicine, as well.

We've dusted the cobwebs off of our Etsy shop and have reopened it, featuring modest skirts for ladies, as well as selling some of our extra antique and vintage clothing. It can be hard to find pretty prints that aren't bright colors or harsh stripes, so we hope to supply some of that need!

A handmade vintage skirt for someone tall and thin!

Our first three-tiered skirt, ready for a lucky customer!


  1. That's quite an accomplishment to grow milkweed from seed. I've tried burying the seed heads to grow them but without any luck. Makes me wonder how the grow in the wild. Looking forward to your video. Cute skirts! Best of luck in your Etsy shop!

  2. Solar-powered fountain...sounds like something I would be interested in having,may I ask where you purchased it? You always make your weeds sounds so yummy :) I love the sweet skirts you all have made...just lovely.....blessings

  3. I love how you make the most out of what is in your yard and I am so glad you are sharing with us. I look forward to your youtube. Sighhhh, coveting that vintage skirt!!! Great find. Clarice


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