Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Late Easter

 Dear Friends,

After a grueling week-long sewing marathon, Easter Sunday finally arrived with everyone wearing their mostly matching clothing (except for the gentlemen's ties, which I couldn't make since I bought Heat-n-Bond instead of fusible interfacing at the last minute). Of course the effort was all worth it to see everyone so sweet and cheery whilst celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

After church services we had a luncheon of flat bread, goat cheese, fish (fillets, since we forgot to buy real fish), salad with chick peas, and honeycomb to try to recreate what Jesus may have eaten in His day. It really did help to feel like we were part of something special!

Here are some of the best photos of the day. We are grateful to our neighbors, who allowed us to use their flowering quince as a back drop!


In other news, the girls have finally finished their first feature length movie, for which they have posted a trailer on YouTube. I am quite impressed with their talent, and what they have been able to accomplish being self-taught!

Here's to the hope of Life Eternal!




  1. Wow! Ye look great as usual! Way to go!



  2. You have a beautiful family. And the girls are so talented! How do I get a copy of the movie?

  3. Well you are not too late, we are having our Easter today. The girls 9and boys) look charming. I love your dinner idea!! Happy belated Easter. Clarice

  4. What a beautiful family photo, Marqueta! You all look charming!

  5. Marqueta, you all look like spring flowers! So beautiful!

  6. Hello Marqueta, this is my first visit here. What lovely, lovely photos! Thank you for sharing them. I'll be back. :- )

  7. Whew! That is a lot of sewing! Beautiful family and a terrific idea to eat as Jesus did.

  8. You Guys are so DEAR and LOVELY!!!!
    Love Linnie


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