Monday, April 7, 2014

Master Franklin Has a Birthday

 Dear Friends,

Oh my, can Frankie really be seven already? He loves African animals lately, so we made him a rhino cake with bananas for horns (so creative, I know). The ice cream topping melted quickly, so the photo doesn't look its best, but at least Frankie liked it!

Frankie wanted to go to the zoo to see the African animals, but we went to a nature center instead, since it was supposed to rain. The day after his birthday was nice and sunny, however, so he finally got to go see everything in its animal glory. I think that a person could do worse than be in love with animals!

Here are a few photos from his special day, for you to enjoy:~


Seven Times One
Jean Ingelow

THERE’S no dew left on the daisies and clover,
    There’s no rain left in heaven.
I ’ve said my “seven times” over and over,—
    Seven times one are seven.
I am old,—so old I can write a letter;
    My birthday lessons are done.
The lambs play always,—they know no better;
    They are only one times one.
O Moon! in the night I have seen you sailing
    And shining so round and low.       
You were bright—ah, bright—but your light is failing;
    You are nothing now but a bow.
You Moon! have you done something wrong in heaven,
    That God has hidden your face?
I hope, if you have, you will soon be forgiven,    
    And shine again in your place.
O velvet Bee! you ’re a dusty fellow,—
    You ’ve powdered your legs with gold.
O brave marsh Mary-buds, rich and yellow,
    Give me your money to hold!
O Columbine! open your folded wrapper,
    Where two twin turtle-doves dwell!
O Cuckoo-pint! toll me the purple clapper
    That hangs in your clear green bell!
And show me your nest with the young ones in it,— 
    I will not steal them away;
I am old! you may trust me, linnet, linnet!
    I am seven times one to-day.



  1. And isn't Frankie looking quite grown up. Looks like you all had a great time seeing the animal friends :-) As always, I love the pictures of your beautiful kiddos......blessings sweet friend

  2. Franklin looks so happy! I'm glad that your weather cleared up and you all could enjoy the zoo. That cake is adorable! :-)


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