Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Road Trip and a Birthday

Dear friends,
We've just returned from taking a family trip (minus Mr. Graham, who had to work) to Idaho, where we stayed with my mother. We started out with temperatures of 92 degrees, and ended up in the 50s in Cheyenne, WY the first day. It was quite a shock to the system! Thankfully, on the way back the weather was very nice, and it was only in the 70s for the first couple of days back in Missouri, so it was easier on our bodies.

In Idaho, we visited with beloved Uncles and Aunts, and were able to spend the week with a favorite cousin, too. Another cousin was married, and it was wonderful to be able to be there to support her in this momentous event.

(This photo was taken as we were saying our last goodbye, so Evangeline doesn't look too happy!)

On the eleventh of June, before the trip, we celebrated the fifteenth birthday of dear Audrey (who is in love with England and New Zealand at present, and so received many gifts pertaining to both). Another girl who is getting just way too big! What a blessing it is to be the mother of each child, and to be able to see them grow and develop into the people that God intends them to be.

Now that we are home we have our work cut out for us, cleaning up after the three floods that have occured in our basement this spring and summer (don't ask!), as well as the jumble of sawdust-covered kithenware that is a byproduct of one of the floods. We are doing dishes outside until our kitchen sink is fully functional, and living off sandwiches and cold cereal until the stove and oven are back on as well. You could say that when it rains, it pours! At least we'll have plenty of material for when we write our memoirs. :)

May your summer be a glorious one, and may the Lord bless you this day.




  1. Dearest Marqueta,
    Sounds like a wonderful Family time! The pictures speak of joy and a time well shared, with lots of love!
    And Happy Birthday to Lovely Miss Audrey!
    So sorry to hear of your home coming misfortune! Praying that all will come together for you all soon!!
    Blessings and LOVE, Linnie

  2. Firstly, happy birthday to Audrey and belated birthday wishes to AnnaMarie and Rebecca, also! Sorry to hear of your flooding problems. Seems it's either a drought or a deluge. But that is life, isn't it? Looks like you had a nice time on your trip. And the little corgi made me smile also. Hoping that soon we will be reading that everything is back to normal!


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