Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Birthday Wishes to Miss Tasha

 Dear Friends,

Today is the 13th birthday of our precious Tasha, lover of turtles, Anne of Green Gables, the Gothard Sisters, and living each day to its fullest!

Evangeline decorated the parlor and made decorations for Tasha's special day~

We showered Tasha with gifts from the heart; she received a total of 6 journals (ask and ye shall receive. . . )!

Every child holds a special place in the family, and we are grateful for the spirit that they all bring to our home. May the Lord continue blessing you, Tasha, with health, strength, and joy.




  1. Sister dear, happy birthday! <3 'Twas brilly to celebrate with you. Also, fabulous job on the "Anne" tea party post!

    Love, Audrey

  2. Happy Birthday Looks like great fun!!
    Many blessings, Linnie


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