Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thoughts on Home Life

Dear Friends,

I have reading some nice thoughts about home influence, and would like to share some of them with you this Christmas season.

"Our homes need the blessings which come from daily communion with God. Devotion in the home, which has been such an anchor to youth and parents alike, has all but vanished. A few generations ago it was a common practice. Then families knelt together in prayer; the scriptures were read aloud; and households joined in the singing of Church hymns. This practice, if revived, would contribute much to the strength of the home and the nation. The differences and irritations of the day melt away as families approach the throne of heaven together. Unity increases. The ties of love and affection are reinforced and the peace of heaven enters.

Such an atmosphere can be created as parents plan for recreation and diversion together with their children An evening at home in wholesome activity; a picnic in the mountains or nearby park; or a fathers and sons' and mothers and daughters' project- these all tend to increase filial affection and love in the home and strengthen parent-children relations. Time thus spent yields big divideds Love at home and obedience to parents increases as the bonds of home are made secure."

~Ezra Taft Benson, So Shall Ye Reap

As you can see from the photos, we have been enjoying a simple Christmas season. The children always decorate the trees (this year we added a small live cedar tree from the woods). Evangeline has even decorated the maple trees out front with ribbons and balls (photos forthcoming!).

We did have a few St. Nicholas gifts brought to us in our boots, but we also forgot to get photos of the festivities, as well! I love celebrating St. Nicholas Day, as it helps to offset the length of the wait until Christmas Day.

Hyrum looks like he's making a list and checking it twice!

We have been bringing out a few pieces from our antique linen collection, pinning up a bit here and there to add winter cheer to the home. I have a hard time fighting the winter "blahs" every year, and having pretty things about really brightens my mood.

May you all be blessed this coming week with love and joy.




  1. Thanks for the post.Christmas is such an exciting time and laying under the tree should be the highlight of every child.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! And I always love seeing your photos of what is happening around your home too. Beautiful tree! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. So dear! I remember lying under the Christmas tree and looking up when I was a child many, many moons ago. Such a magical time. Don't you wish you could recapture all that simple joy? Lovely thoughts and ideas about home life. I wish I had thought to have daily devotionals when my children were young.

  4. Yep this is the way it was meant to be!! Glad to see all the delight and family togetherness and
    sweetness!! May it be all JOY for you and your sweet family!!
    Many BLESSINGS, LOVE and WARMTH and Merry CHRISTmas, Love Linnie xxx ooo

  5. Beautiful words and so wise. I love this time of year because it is about showing love. Making a cozy home for our children is such an important way to show love. Clarice

  6. Dear Marqueta,
    Your children look angelic around the tree. Love you!

  7. Such beautiful sentiments that will never be outdated as far as I am concerned.

    Each Christmas my girls and I watch our old vhs movie 'More About the Children of Noisy Village'.(Based on the book by Astrid Lindgren) Your daughter in the first photo reminds me so much of the main character. It brings back memories of when my older daughter was that age she looked a lot like that too. These are the best of times, we are blessed.

  8. A sweet simple Christmas is the very best Christmas of all. Lovely pictures Marqueta, I always love visiting your sweet birdsong cottage. Merry Christmas to you and yours

  9. All through my childhood, my mother would read a daily devotion after dinner, which we would then discuss. At the time, we kids may not have appreciated it, as we wanted to get back outside to play before dark, but it was my mother's faith and dedicated homemaking that tied us together as a family.Things were so different back then, I wonder how many families still share a meal and pray. I know yours does! You've a special and wonderful group there, I wish you the happiest of Christmas!


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