Tuesday, November 25, 2014

So Grateful for You (and. . . On Bad Housekeeping)

Dear Friends,

This Thanksgiving week, we are grateful for our family and friends. Our dear friend Matty sent us this butterfly portrait a couple of weeks ago, and its cheerful colors bring cheer on cloudy fall days.

Growing like a weed is little Hyrum, who still has his sweet dimples~

Evangeline is really and truly learning to read, and she and AnnaMarie spend twenty minutes each day reading scriptures together. Everyone is growing up fast!

We've enjoyed a few beautiful days this fall which were nice enough to be outside. This picture was taken before the freezing cold came and drove us indoors!

Thankfully our silver maples were not harmed by the snow that was supposed to be a lot deeper than it was.

Our favorite rosemary plant has burst into blooms, which is so lovely to see! I have never successfully raised another rosemary, so I hope she continues to thrive on the windowsill this winter.

Cool days are perfect for burning outside. Since we don't have a fireplace in our home, we get lonely for the smell of wood smoke and have to get creative to have some.

This week we are deep cleaning the kitchen (it's probably bad that we can't remember when the last time we deep-cleaned was!), and making lots of interesting discoveries . . . Like the fact that a cantaloupe went through the entire process of decomposition in our kitchen and we did not know it (granted, we were in Idaho when it must have happened, but STILL!). Yikes! We are having an elderly friend over for dinner on Thursday, and this will be the first Thanksgiving when we have not gone to one grandparent's house or the other. We must be growing up, to be entrusted with the whole thing ourselves!

May you have a safe and peaceful week, my friends, and may you know how much we are thankful for you.




"Te Deum"

   Not because of victories
     I sing,
     having none,
     but for the common sunshine,
     the breeze,
     the largess of the spring.

     Not for victory
     but for the day’s work done
     as well as I was able;
     not for a seat upon the dais
     but at the common table.

~Charles Reznikoff


  1. Beautiful post, Marqueta!
    Wishing you and yours a joyful Thanksgiving.

  2. I once had a pumpkin die and dry behind a chair and my girlfriend who found it has never let me forget it tee hee!

    You are BLESSED ;-)
    Love Linnie

  3. A very blessed Thanksgiving celebration to you and yours!

  4. I know what you mean about forgetting vegetables and fruits, I tend to do the same... May you and your family have a blessed thanksgiving day.... Love, Mari

  5. I really enjoyed the thanksgiving photos you shared on facebook. Are you decorating for Christmas now? Blessings my friend

  6. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving! Love seeing your photos! Hugs to everyone!

  7. That butterfly is amazing. We enjoyed a long fall this year. I think I am almost ready to hunker down for the winter. Yes, a bit of cleaning/organizing is in order first though.


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