Saturday, May 9, 2015

Welcome, May!

Dear Friends,

May is such a wonderful time of year, when Spring is finally settling down (for the most part!) and the garden is starting to show forth great promise.

Each year the children make May baskets and take them to the neighbors. So far no one has mentioned anything, but we're pretty sure they know who does it. :)

We had a fun family-sized backyard festival on the first, and Frankie was the May King. We all had fun posing with him on his throne!

Frankie cut down his own May Pole from the woods near our home, and directed the ribbon dance around it.

The black locusts are in bloom here, and they make wonderful drinks, ice cream, and fritters. If you have some near you, go out and find some and give them a try!




  1. Frankie is a very clever May king! Those photos with his sisters are just precious. Thanks for the information on black locusts. I plan to go foraging this coming week. I see the trilliums are out, so the morals shouldn't be far behind. Have the merriest of Mother's Day!


  2. What a joyous day you had with the most BEAUTIFUL faces!! XXX OOO
    Lots of LOVE, Linnie


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