Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Garden in May

Dear Friends,

We have been having fun with blue paint around the garden, wanting it to look like the South of France. We may not have a stone mas to live in, but it does look prettier than before!

We splurged on these allium bulbs last fall, and now they are the queens of the show. Even the foliage is attractive, with big, strappy leaves.

The girls have been practicing to perform at the local farmer's market, and our cat Ginger made sure that the bodhran was properly tuned.

Hickety Pickety decided to check out the chicks' pen whilst they were elsewhere, to make sure it was properly outfitted. Doesn't she look lovely amidst the irises?

Radishes have been our best crop in the garden so far, other than the wild greens that are running rampant throughout the yard. These are from Tasha's personal garden spot~

Hyrum just keeps growing and growing (as does his bushy hair). He loves being out on the trampoline!

The peony in back is now in bloom, and it complements the irises perfectly. We put in four more peonies out front, and will have a hard time waiting till next year for them to bloom.

Peony bud.

Last but not least, we planted this catmint and false blue indigo next to each other last spring, not knowing that they would match perfectly this year. I love it when things work out this way, seeing the faeries at play! Now where are all the bees and butterflies they are supposed to be covered with?

Until next time.



"A swarm of bees in May
Is worth a load of hay;
A swarm of bees in June
Is worth a silver spoon;
A swarm of bees in July
Is not worth a fly."

-  Rhyme from England


  1. Love all of your blue, Marqueta! That false indigo and catmint make a wonderful combination. Always looking for pretty flower combinations. Your little chick looks very content and that goes for Hickety Pickety, too!


  2. Your garden is just beautiful! I wish we had so much green here. But at least we have some. Beautiful blog you have!

  3. Everything looks lovely! The blue indigo and catnip oh and the peony...and the radishes lets just all of it lovely!

  4. Such a sweet and colorful post. Spring time is just wonderful, isn't it? Enjoy your children, cottage, and are blessed indeed my friend ♡ Hugs to all

  5. Everything is blue! I love it! The best flowers are always blue and purple, in my humble opinion. Your Aliums will spread and spread, that is the best thing about these type of bulbs. I see your Baptisia, Indigo, is going strong and I predict will become at least 4 foot tall, as mine has in only 2 years. Happy gardening to your lovely family!


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