Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Very Merry Birthday

Dear friends, 

We recently celebrated the double birthday of the oldest and youngest of the girls. We are excited for Rebecca turning five, but we're not so sure we like the idea of AnnaMarie being a legal adult this year! Why can't they all stay little?

How good to see them grow and flourish in their own stages of life!

May all their wishes come true!


"Happy Birthday Happy Birthday just for you.
Happy Birthday and may all your good dreams come true.
When you blow out the candles, one light stays aglow.
That's the sunshine of your smile where ere you go."
(From an old radio programme)


  1. A very happy belated birthday to two lovely young ladies! Marqueta, your chicks are growing up!


  2. Happy Birthday lovely ladies! They grow up and fly away before your know it. You are lucky to have girls though, they usually stay closer to mother than boys do.


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