Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Autumnal Blessings~ Wisdom from Laura Ingalls Wilder

(Photos by Tasha)
Dear friends,

Enjoy these words from Laura Ingalls Wilder this autumn day!
"As we go about our daily tasks, the world will seem lighter if we enjoy the beautiful things that are just are outside our doors and windows.

It pays to go to the top of the hill now and then to see the view and to stroll through the wood lot or pasture forgetting that we are in a hurry or that there is such a thing as a clock in the world.

You are 'so busy'! Oh, yes, I know it! We are all busy, but what are we living for anyway, and why is the world so beautiful if not for us? The habits we form last us through this life, and I firmly believe into the next.

Let's not make such a habit of hurry and work that when we leave this world, we will impelled to hurry through the spaces of the universe using our wings for feather dusters to clean away the star dust.

The true way to live is to enjoy every moment as it passes, and surely it is in the everyday things around us that the beauty of life lies.



  1. Beautiful photos and I love the words of Laura

  2. Lovely!!! I enjoyed the pictures and the words from Laura!! God bless


  3. Oh, what a good reminder to "let us not make a habit of hurry." There are so many things that are pressing (I feel it this week) but I've had to remember that it is relationships that are what matter.

  4. AMEN!!
    Lovely!~perfect~ xx oo, Linnie :-)

  5. YES! And there is so much beauty to enjoy during the autumn season. Let's hold on to these moments and bring them to mind when we are in the mid winter blahs. In fact I will read blogs like this to perk me up!

  6. Fine words of wisdom Marqueta. It is so important to find tranquility and joy in the moment and in the smallest of things. I've always believed that is the secret to happiness.

  7. Hello dear Marqueta! I missed this post, I'm glad I found it. So much wisdom from one of my favorite authors. I hope you are enjoying autumn. Everything looks lovely.



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