Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Seventh Annual Small Doll Fair

Dear Friends,

The local doll village has just finished its seventh annual Labor Day fair (this one was all of Labor Day weekend), and as usual, everyone had a wonderful time!

Benjamin Franklin was the faithful ticket seller~

And the dolls lined up for several exciting rides~

There were crafts on display, as well as Ethnic foods and homegrown produce~

Even the queen herself was pleased~

All in all, it was time very well spent. The older my children become, the more I treasure our little rituals like these, knowing that they won't last forever.




  1. Wow! You all must be well connected to have Benjamin Franklin take tickets for you! Making wonderful memories!


  2. Dear Marqueta,
    What a grand day this must have been... I see many dolls here that I may have in an old trunk. Familiar faces on these sweet dolls. It looks as if the children are having the time of their life.
    Yes, these are the moments to treasure... They grow up way to fast.

  3. That is toooo FUN!! :-)
    Wow!! Lot's of Dollies, I can only imagine the Dollie chatter and giggles!!
    Sending love and warmth!! Many Blessings, Linnie

  4. this is so ridiculously cute I can't even stand it!! Frankie is so handsome gosh everyone is growing like weeds Marqueta!! I am blogging again would love for you to follow along :) ~Heather

  5. Looks like they all had WONDERFUL time!!! I still remember playing with my doll!! Precious memories.
    God bless


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