Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Centennial Birthday, Tasha Tudor!


Dear Friends,

Today would be the 100th birthday of one of our favorite children's book illustrators, Tasha Tudor. We celebrated by making a wreath for Tasha, the namesake of Ms. Tudor. It was such a compliment when we met Rosemary Gladstar and she said my children look like Tasha Tudor illustrations!

We had a family tea in the afternoon, and then painted with watercolors, which were Tasha's preferred medium.



Tasha's (still in the sketching stage)~


A Giant Swallowtail helped us celebrate by making itself part of the wall decor. It had pupated on one of my hats in the entryway!

Thank you for joining us in our little celebration  of a truly unique life.




  1. What a wonderful day of celebration, Marqueta! Beautiful wreath, sweet paintings (I think Tasha has quite a talent!) and how fun to have the swallowtail grace your day! :-)

  2. Ms. Gladstar is right. Your children do look like a Tasha Tudor illustration.

  3. Dear Marqueta,

    How slack of me to try and write you here on your blog, but I think of you very often and wanted to pop in and tell you so. I have your name on my constant to-do list. I want to get a letter in the mail to you. I thought of you on your birthday. Sigh. The time here flies! I work full time, am looking into a shop, and of course errands, bills and cleaning never go away! Ha ha. I know you love Tasha Tudor. We did too, in our home. Hope you are doing well. I will try to do better at catching up and staying caught up! Friends are precious.
    Love you,


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