Saturday, August 1, 2015

Another Trip Out West

Dear friends,

Above you see a picture of me doing what I've been doing a lot of lately~ driving!

The children and I (Mr. Graham, alas, could not get off work) traveled to see two nieces on their wedding days, one in Idaho, and one in Utah.

We stayed at my mother's house, which always welcomes us with  many beautiful flowers and barking dogs.

We were able to visit with cherished friends. . .

. . . and loving family members whose smiling faces make our lives a better place!

We played at nearby playgrounds. . . 

 . . . as well as in Wolverine Canyon. Here I'm trying out a new pistol that I hadn't had time to shoot yet. It seems to work fine!

I was able to harvest a bit of Motherwort from the special patch that only we know exists. It's all the more special to me because we buried Rebecca's placenta there five years ago.

Hyrum discovered that he has boy cousins who, although they're much older, still love to play with pirates. . .

 . . . and that my first niece to get married has a fun bearded dragon that looks dashing in a bow tie!

Sadly, we didn't get photos of the second niece's wedding, since our camera's batteries died, but it was a joyous time as well. We were also able to spend at my sister's place in Utah, which looks very different from when I last was there. Utah is indeed a beehive of activity!

All too soon it was time to return home. We stayed in North Platte, Nebraska and took time to see Fort Cody, featuring a wonderful  miniature moving Wild West Show that Hyrum loved.

We were happy to be able to get back and see our beloved pets, who were not too happy being locked up all day whilst we were away! Mr. Graham did a great job taking care of all of them, but we're pretty sure that he was happy to have us back to do it for him again. :)

Now to recover from our trip, and to just relax and enjoy the rest of summer's bounties.




  1. Lovely trip! When you come to Lazy Bee Farm, bring your shootin' iron, Dead-eye! We have a lot of fun target shooting here! Have you gathered Ginseng before? That is one of our big harvests up in the mountains. Also, would you like me to send you milk weed? When I took my walk last night I realized how much we have along the road. Just let me know!

  2. Oh what a wonderful time to have weddings :0) driving is not so bad, as long as worship music is playing, the trip is not as long :0) all of you look so lovely... mari

  3. What a lovely and memorable trip. So nice that you can document these times here on your blog. I don't know how its done, but that hairdo (down the back braid type) is spectacular!

    And I love your stripy hose.


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