Friday, August 7, 2015

Garden Joys

Dear Friends,

Happy August to you! This is the last full month of summer, and we are asking ourselves, "Where did the time fly to?" School will be starting at the end of the month, and once it does, it will be Christmas before you can blink!

The garden is growing like gangbusters now, and it's a full-time job keeping the overgrowth in check. It's all worth it, though, especially you get wonderful surprises popping up, like this elderberry bush that is right by our front sidewalk.  Elder has been planted in Europe around houses for protection from evil, so we're sure our fairies had that in mind when they planted it.

I thought I'd gotten rid of all the morning glory starts, but I'm glad they're here for the hummingbirds that live nearby (the birds won't stay still for their photo, however!).

Friends from church gave us Black-Eyed Susan starts last year, and they're really thriving this year. Notice the perilla (shiso) that is also thriving, right in the middle of the flowers. Perilla is a wonderful addition to salads, and is used in Japan for coloring pickles, keeping sushi fresh, and for making a refreshing summery drink.

Our funny-looking "hairy balls" milkweed is putting out seed pods now. It has been the star of the Monarch show this year, so we will be sure to save the seeds.

We love the flowers of Swamp Milkweed, some of which are white and some are pink. The bees love them, too, as you can see!

Here is one of the caterpillars found on the milkweed. We have had eight butterflies released so far, and have two more caterpillars to go. These last ones will be part of the group to migrate to Mexico.

Last year we planted a pack of gladiolus bulbs, and never got around to digging them up and putting them in the basement, like you're supposed to. We were surprised to have a few of them pop back up, looking as healthy as ever. This one is especially beautiful, and I notice a little orb in the middle of the photo, perhaps pointing out the fairy that planned all of this. :)

The bees and butterflies love our purple coneflowers in the wildflower garden,

And we are eagerly waiting to see if Yellow Sulfur butterflies will come lay their eggs on the Partidge Pea.

Curly-top Iron Weed is certainly attractive for a late-summer bloomer. We wish we had more of them!

A lovely tumble of messy coneflowers!

And lastly, this funny little "flower" started off as a sweet little chick with fuzz on its head~ Now she looks more like a dust mop, but she's a sweetheart and livens up the flock. 

Blessings to your garden, from mine.



  1. everything looks so lovely and filled with life! thank you for visiting my little place Marqueta... :0) mari

  2. It must be such a peaceful joy to visit your garden, Marqueta! Sigh.... I enjoyed my little tour; thank you for sharing it with me! ( Your little dust mop flower is adorable, by the way!) Can hardly wait for your book, too! :-)

  3. Its a lovely garden Marqueta........blessings

  4. Hey! I loved that! And, as I have said, I love Ken and you!


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