Thursday, June 16, 2016

Happy Birthday, Audrey

 Dear Friends,

Another birthday has come in the family this year; Audrey's birthday follows quickly behind that of her sisters, and this was her seventeenth. This growing older stuff has to stop! :) I am so blessed to be the mother of such a kind soul, who seeks each day to be more Christ-like in all things. And one who chooses such yummy desserts for her birthday!

 I've never made (or heard of) a Pavlova before, but we made a sugar-free version that was quite nice (it took two tries to get the meringue part right).

Many blessings to you, dear daughter!




  1. These young women of yours are growing up so quickly -- right before our eyes! Happy birthday, Audrey! Many blessings for the coming year!

  2. Happy belated birthday, dear Audrey. I'm glad you had such a wonderful day!


  3. Dearest Mother,

    Thank you for the sweet birthday post! I'm so glad to be your daughter and for all the many blessings that come from that. ❤

    I love you and I like you!

    xoxo Audrey


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