Friday, December 30, 2016

December Days

Dear Friends,

December has flown by as fast as a live trap catches a possum! 

AnnaMarie and I took a class on identifying trees by their twigs and bark (some are pretty hard!), and we've been practicing keying out the trees in our woods (like this shingle oak twig).

The birds have been flocking to the feeders with the colder weather. We try to wonder who will feed them when we're not here next year. . . .

Christmas was special this year, being on Sunday. We went to a short church service, then spent the day quietly enjoying each others' company (and some presents!). Now it's time to started sorting, cleaning, and ridding ourselves of all the extra things we have accumulated these past six years, getting ready to move (this time for real). My, how they add up!

I hope that your December has been a profitable one, full of many sweet blessings. Here's to a happy, peaceful new year!




  1. How exciting, Marqueta! I hope your new home will be everything you desire. I need to take that class on tree identification. Without the leaves, I'm lost. Marry belated Christmas to you and your wonderful family. I hope this new year will be a wonderful one for you!


  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! How exciting to think of moving! I promise to have your package out soon. Things are a whirlwind here during holidays and time has run away from me completely! xoxo Lynn

  3. Oh my! I wish you luck and prayers with your packing and move. It will be very exciting for you and your family. I just moved in November and it is not as exciting to move when your kids are grown; so I think it is smart to move now while your kids are still growing and younger. It will be an adventure! Love,Andrea

  4. Just dropping by again to say I have not forgotten you. I have been snowed and iced in now for days! Hugs, Lynn


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