Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ice Storm

Dear Friends,

This past weekend we had a winter storm warning in our area, with ice predicted up to 1/2 inch. We were warned that the power could go out if trees hit power lines, etc. I always get a little nervous with news like that, since we rely on electricity to heat our home!

We scrounged up what we could use as firewood in the backyard, and covered the old burn barrel, preparing to cook on it, if we had to (We've actually cooked on it before, so that would be no big deal.).

Thank heavens, we did not need to worry, as our prayers were answered and only a small amount of ice fell that weekend. Growing up in the West, neither my husband nor I are used to freezing rain; it just doesn't happen! So we are still learning the ropes of how to prepare for it, and we are still enthralled with the way it changes the world.

Here are some photos of various icy articles in our front yard~

We heard that other parts of Missouri were hit with more ice, and had treacherous conditions. Have you ever lost power in a storm? How did you cope?




  1. Pretty ice! Ice is so dangerous to go out in though...glad it didn't get too bad. One year in Delaware we had several ice storms in a row. Luckily we never lost power although many did. My husband rushed out during the first big snowstorm we had when our kids were little to buy a propane heater for back-up heat. After that we never seemed to need it and it went to waste just sitting for years. Later on in life we bought a generator. I think we only had to use it twice for a few hours so I guess we could've saved the money and survived fine without it! love,Andrea

  2. It is so pretty! I am glad you didn't get enough to cause electric outages! The West doesn't have ice storms? I didn't know that!

  3. Hello dear Marqueta. Glad all are safe and sound. While ice turns the world into a pretty fairy land, it sure can wreck havoc. I accidentally hit delete rather thaan publish for your comment, but rest assured I read it and you and Ken are in my prayers that he will find a job nearby. How exciting! I wish only the best for you and your lovely family!


  4. Dear Marqueta, Oh my! We have had tremendous ice storms here in NC. If I ever find any photos from previous ones, I will share them. The ice gets heavy and cracks trees in half! We have had storms that put thousands out of power for days and days! We were fortunate enough in the old house to have gas heaters that we could cook some things on, and it kept the house warm enough to get by. The electricity was out so the air was not forced out across the rooms with a fan, but the fires still burned in the heaters, giving off some heat. Glad you were safe and did not get too much!

  5. This one in particular:


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