Monday, March 26, 2018

Spring Has Sprung!

 Dear Friends,

We have been watching in great anticipation as our magnolia tree began unfurling its fuzzy buds, wondering which kind it was. Now we know that it is a lovely, all-white Star variety, and we couldn't be happier! It is close enough to the house to be able to see the birds perched in its branches from our bedroom window upstairs.

Speaking of birds, we are now feeding a flock of nearly 100 goldfinches that have decided that ours is a wonderful place to eat thistle and sunflower seeds.

 They empty the feeders about every other day!

Violets are blooming in our woods, both the regular purple colour, as well as a bi-colored type that is very sweet.

 The seeds we have sown are now sprouting up and ready to be put in the ground. And we are clearing the ground just as quickly as we can!

 The neighbors' cow surprised us by having a wee calf the other day. We wondered why she was bawling all morning! Cows are very interesting creatures, even trying to eat plastic through the fence.

Have a wonderful day!




  1. Happy Spring, our wild violets have not bloomed yet but I will start watching for them now

  2. Happy Easter my friend, I am so happy to see you all settling in to your new home. You have waited so long for this.

  3. Happy Spring, Marqueta! I've been away from Blogger for a bit but have now returned and am following you! How delightful to have all those birds visit you each day!

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