Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Emotions and Our Health

Good day, Dear Readers,

In my readings lately I have come across a reprint of a book from 1940 entitled "The Secret Door of Success", by Florence Scovel Shinn. Upon reading her insights on health and emotions, I was struck by the simplicity and depth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only is it a recipe for spiritual health, but also for physical!

Drawing of Florence Scovel Shinn

Here's a portion of her writings:

"Spiritual development means the ability to stand still, or stand aside, and let Infinite Intelligence lift your burdens and fight your battles. When the burden of resentment is lifted, you experience a sense of relief! You have a kindly feeling for everyone, and all the organs of your body begin to function properly.

A quote from Albert Edward Day, D.D., reads, 'That loving our enemies is good for our spiritual health is widely known and accepted. But that negation and poisonous emotions destroy physical health is a relatively new discovery. The problem of health is often an emotional one. Wrong emotions entertained and repeated are potent causes of illness. When the preacher talks about loving your enemies, the person on the street is apt to dismiss the idea as unendurable and pious. But the fact is, the preacher is telling you something that is one of the first laws of hygiene, as well as ethics. No one, even for the body's sake, can afford to indulge in hatred. It is like repeated doses of poison. When you are urged to get rid of fear, you are not listening to a moonstruck idealist; rather, you are hearing counsel that is as significant for health as advice about diet.'

We hear so much about a balanced diet, but without a balanced mind, you cannot digest what you eat, calories or no calories."
It is truly amazing that even now, seventy years after this was written, we still have a hard time grasping this concept, but it is so true. Re-programming our way of thinking, can be as hard as changing our diet!
May you be blessed in your duties today,

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