Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sabbath Greetings

Hello, Dear Readers,
I was looking through some poetry I wrote a few years back, and found one appropriate for the Sabbath. It's a little rough around the edges, but I hope you like it.

One True Friend

A stranger in a strange land,
Sometimes I feel that’s what I am.
But then I hear a voice inside
That says, “ I, too, have walked alone.”
And even though loved ones surround me
I cannot always open up,
For they have worries of their own.
At times like these it’s nice to know
That into my room I may go
To speak to One with whom I can
My hopes, fears, dreams, complaints, and sadness share.
One who wants to hear it all,
And never seems too occupied to care.
So, oft times, we must walk alone
And hold our feelings deep inside,
For they are not always welcome in this hurried world.
But souls may speak to Souls, you know,
Who’ve walked the lonely path.
And those Souls fill the heart with love,
That through tears we feel to laugh.
Until, at last, when time has gone, and life’s worries reach their end,
And we find ourselves encircled by the arms of Our True Friend.
-23 July, 2000

I pray that you always will find peace in this life and in the next through the Savior's constant love.




  1. Dear Marqueta,

    What a lovely poem! Yes, I often do go alone into my room and speak to Him that hears me always!

    Thank you dear friend for sharing your talent.

    In Christ,


  2. That is lovely, Marqueta. Thank you for sharing. What a lovely sentiment.


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