Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Every child must have a secret place. . .

A secret place where no adult can enter. . . .The secret place will be there and he will be lost in the sheer joy of having something to which he can cling that will not fail him, but is simply there waiting for him when he needs it."
-Clee Shupp

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our "secret place!"

Ours is only a ditch, but I am grateful to have a place for the children to play, where they can be Laura and Mary living in a sod house on the banks of Plum Creek. And besides, the dirt there makes the best mud balls!

And nearby grows a patch of one of our favorite snacks!
And sunflowers you can make "love notes" in!And chickens you can play dress-up with!And when you're done playing, you can go inside and have a birthday tea party for your cat, who's turning four this year!

On a side note, the latest issue of "MaryJane's Farm Magazine" came the other day (never mind the side-ways image!), bringing with it all sorts of ideas for "repurposing" things around the house. My favorites ideas were using high-heeled shoes as shelf brackets:

and painting black ankle boots to look like this:Audrey's shoes, however, I think are beyond repurposing! Which is why we're going in to town for shoe-shopping today!

May your day bring blessed, happy busyness, for you and those you love, and may you find a "secret place" within your heart!

"God's Children"

Although God loves the whole wide world
And blesses every part
I think He has a special place
For children in His heart.
I think He cherishes their smiles
Their eagerness and mirth
And their appreciation of
The wonders of His earth.
I think He listens closely to
Whatever words they say
I think He follows them to school
And watches them at play.
And when they go to bed at night
He probably is there
To see that they have happy dreams
Beneath their tousled hair.
All children in a special way
Belong to God above.
And I am sure He favors them
With everlasting love.

-James. J. Metcalfe


  1. Dear Marqueta,

    I simply love all of the photo's. Your children are just precious! I love the heart in the sunflower head. The carrots look wonderful. The cookie mouth's are just too cute!


  2. It looks like your children certainly enjoyed themselves, Marqueta! What wonderful memories they will have of their childhood days!

  3. You have the most precious, lovely children...

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful, blessed life with us :-)


  4. hi there, your post has just given me a great joy. I've recently come back from an orphanage where the 90% of the kids have suffered abuse from adults... unbelieveable...
    Thanks for the joy and hope you share through your blog
    ciao from rome


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