Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome Fall

Dear Readers,

I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day! I want to thank my sweet husband for the new "autumnal" look, which he put up Saturday.

Today is the official beginning of autumn, and from the looks of the weather, it's here to stay. Hopefully it won't freeze tonight, or I'll be trying to spread covers on the tender plants in the wind (Always makes for something entertaining for the neighbors to watch.).

A katydid and friend on one of the last roses.

Here in Idaho, when Autumn comes, winter is not far behind. Last year it snowed the first weekend of October, and the woolly bear caterpillars are predicting another long, cold winter (Supposedly when they have a narrow orange stripe, or no stripe).

Here is a poem I wrote a few years back for this time of year, and some photos taken a few days ago:

Just a Few Days

Just a few, that's all there is left.

A few days of clear golden skies,
Of naked children in cool water,
Of sun-tanned skin and sun-kissed hair.
Just a few days linger before
woolens replace sandals and bare feet.

Before the warm sun on the back of our necks
is a memory,

As we harvest summer's bounteous pleasures,
then bid them goodbye until next year.

I've been inspired by all my blog friends sharing their illustrated homemaking journals (Thank you, dear ones, for the inspiration!), and have made one of my own (Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?). I used a spiral-bound note book, and used lots of pictures from Victorian Trading Company's catalog (and a few others) to decorate it. Here is the cover and some sample pages (For some reason Blogger put some pictures on their sides!):

I started out with organized to-do lists, etc., but am falling fast behind!

Since we are beginning a new season, I thought I'd list some goals we're striving toward here:

1. Knit shawls for girls and me.
2. Make flannel chemises/pantaloons for girls.
3. Plant greens in the greenhouse.
4. Go on an extended cleanse (My poor body has been "through the wringer"!)/rebuild.
5. Have daily tea with the girls (Lots of raspberry to help them ease into puberty!)
6. Simplify, simplify, simplify!
7. Juice, juice, and more juice!
8. Learn how to use my serger and make lots of diapers for Frankie

May you be blessed with renewed vigor as the cooler weather settles in, and blessed with health and strength through the upcoming cold time of year.

Wisdom from "The Complete Home":

"Cousin Ann, tell me how it is that your work never drags or falls behind?"

"Why," says Cousin Ann, "I look ahead and see what is coming, and I keep a little in advance of demand. I don't lose an hour in the morning and expect to make it up in the evening: night is the wrong end of the day to borrow from: work never goes briskly in the after part of the day; in the morning it is cool: we are rested, fresh and strong, and then is the time to get the work out of the way...."




  1. My dear Marqueta,

    What a blessing you are :-)

    As I read and enjoyed the pictures of yourself and your children...I am filled with such joy, you are such an encourager and a wonderful testimony to us mothers.

    God bless dear friend,


  2. Dear Marqueta,

    I so love the poem and photos of your dear children. The rose is georgeous! You did a great job on the journal which reminds me that I need to journal today! The saying at the end of your post is so wise...


  3. Dear Marqueta,
    Your children are so beautiful and the poem you wrote is lovely. Your rose is lovely too! I love Autumn and I pray yours is filled with many blessings!

    I love the quote you shared too.


  4. P.S. Your homemaking journal is beautiful!!!

  5. I really enjoyed this post..and your homemaking journal ...well making one is on my list...I have been doing some fall cleaning first...I love this time of year.

  6. Your homemaking journal is gorgeous!!
    Lovely poem!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog Marqueta and taking the time to leave a comment :o)

    I so enjoyed this post and the delightful photos ~ your joy as a mother and delight in everyday's simple blessings, shines through!!

    Your homemaking journal is wonderful ~ thanks for sharing it!

    May the Lord bless your family,

  8. dear mama
    fall" is so fun playing in lgaves
    welcome fall"is sofun

    love tasha

  9. dear mami,
    isn't the rose pretty?, &
    katydid & its friend are
    so chummy! i love your
    poem, the clouds,& frankie and evngeline are so cute in the water! frankie is so cute when you are holding
    him!it will be quite sad
    when we will have to
    dress like evangeline
    frankie by the mud hole,
    looks kind of evil!
    i love your home-making
    journal,& frankie eating
    the carrot is so sweet!
    & why did papi sneak up
    on me doing laundry?

    i love you and i like you


  10. dear mami, i like all you
    did on your post.
    i love you & i lke you.



  11. dear mami,
    i really like your
    home-making journal!




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