Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heaven Has a Brand New Angel

My Dear Friends and Family,

We had a bittersweet experience this last Monday, with the birth and passing of our sixth child and fifth daughter, Victoria Lily. She was born three weeks prematurely, with a birth defect so rare that the doctor said it only occurs in Idaho once every twenty or thirty years. Although it was very sad to not come home with a babe in our arms, we all felt such a strong spirit of peace through the whole experience, that we feel more relief than anything to finally know what the Lord's will is for this child, and that she is safely Home. We are thankful to have birthed her for Heaven's glory.

Here are the words to a song that came to me the night after she died:

“Victoria’s Song”

Dear one, my child, my precious child of God,
For so long you were a dream inside my womb.

Then you came, your body I had caught,
But angels came and carried you back home.

Too good, too pure to be long in this world,
But always you will be inside my heart.

The Father knew we needed our sweet girl
To help us always choose the better part.

Victoria! Victoria!
Your name means “victory”,
And you have gone to where there is no harm.

You are free! You are free!
You have won the victory
Now you rest in the Savior’s loving arms.

To my sweet baby
Love, Mami

Blessings to all, and thank you for your prayers,



p.s. I've put on a song for Victoria on my playlist (I am a Child of God), if you'd like to listen.


  1. My dearest friend,

    My heart is sad for you... but Our Lord is wrapping His arms around your family and especially you.

    She is beautiful - Isn't our God wonderous?

    Your smile and that of your husband shines through with such peace... Oh, my dear friend, may our Lord continue to give you peace.

    In His loving arms may she be...


  2. Dear Marqueta,
    My heart is sad right now after reading this news. Like you said though, your precious daughter is home. You will get to see her again one day. May our God continue to give you and your family peace during this time.
    Love & gentle hugs,

  3. Dear Marqueta,
    I am so sorry. How your heart must ache for your dear little Victoria. My prayers are with you.

  4. Dear Marqueta,

    I am so very very sorry for the loss of your precious little one. You and your dear family are in my prayers.



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