Thursday, December 4, 2008

A New Sort of Christmas Tree

Dear Readers,

Here is an idea for you from the Ladies' World Magazine, December 1895:

"Have a frame-work made of common hemlock, the center-piece upright to imitate the trunk of the tree,
and the branches made of trimmings from trees, fallen branches; old bean poles will answer nicely, nailed on irregularly. Tack on patches of moss and lichens and then trim with sprigs of evergreen. An ingenious lad can make a very pretty substitute for a tree, one that would actually pass muster for a real tree.
An attractive way to decorate the tree for children would be to tuck snow balls in every available jog and angle. Inside of each snow ball could be placed a present. Wrap each present in muslin, and with a few stitches give it the form of a ball; then wrap it in white cotton batting, the fluffy kind, and it will look like a tree full of snow balls. If candles are used great care must be taken to place them so there will be no danger of contact with the snow balls. If liked all the balls can be powdered with diamond dust, and they will glitter brilliantly. Any lad who gets up an artificial Christmas tree may be proud in the knowledge that he saved one tree for his country."

Isn't that an interesting suggestion? It would mean so much more to a family, if they were going to use an artificial tree, to have a son (or daughter) make a tree from natural items, instead of resorting to plastic or other artificial things? Think of the lovely memories (As well as scents) to keep! Another idea I like is the use of a small, live fir or pine, wrapped in burlap. In the spring, you could plant your tree, and each have a new tree to add to your family "Christmas grove"! If we weren't planning on moving soon, we would do so here.

And here is a funny poem from the same "Ladies' World":

Song of the Shoppers

We are shoppers, and you'll find us
Everywhere about the town.
And we always leave behind us
Clerks with smiles and clerks with frown;
Bundles in our arms we carry,
Though we sometimes have them sent,
While about the stores we tarry
Till our money is all spent.

Longest way to us is quickest,
If it leads by bargain stores;
And you'll find us in the thickest
Of the crowd before the doors
Where they sell at slaughter prices,
Advertise big mark-down sales
At tremendous sacrifices,
Of some big concern that fails.

We make business for all mortals,
And, if we should cease to shop,
Factories would close their portals,
And the wheels of trade would stop.
But we keep the money flowing,
Buying goods from every clime,
Thus we keep the world a-going,
buying, buying, all the time.

We go shopping, we go shopping;
We shop on from morn till night,
Never stopping, never stopping,
Till the shops are closed up tight;
Sometimes trying, sometimes trying
To buy at a sacrifice,
Oftimes buying, oftimes buying
Everything, at every price.

~Sharles Hurd

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