Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome, December

Dear Readers,

Can it really be the last month of the year? Each year seems to go faster than the one before!

We hope your Thanksgiving holiday was enjoyable, and that you shared it with those you love, even if it was just in heart.

We thought we'd do something different and have a "virtual"Thanksgiving meal with my husband's parents in Missouri. We set up our web cam in the dining room, and they set up theirs, and we talked to each other (Even beginning with a blessing on the food by Grandpa!) while we ate, sharing what we were thankful for. It was a very special experience, surprisingly like the real thing!

How appropriate that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, as Christ can only be received by those who are truly grateful in heart.

My side of the family had a combined Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration last Saturday, complete with a "sing-a-long marathon" that lasted about six (I'm not kidding!) hours. My father loved to sing and play the guitar, and my older brothers have tried to carry on the tradition after he died. With everyone's being married and children getting bigger, we've let the singing go by the wayside a bit, so we decided to rekindle the flame, so to speak! My husband videotaped all he could (till the tape ran out) to record the memories. I'll have to see if he can put a video on here to share in a future post.

Evangeline and cousin Skye, who remind me of my cousin Natalie and me at that age.

My mom's precious poodle puppy, Pippin

How pleasant and how fleeting are the moments spend in the company of those we love!
I feel truly blessed to be part of the family that I was born into, with a unique and varied heritage. I wouldn't be who I am today if not for their influence in my life.

Let the singin' begin!
Niece Sunni and brother Kirby (one of the Original Jonas Brothers!;))

We still are waiting for a White Christmas, since our October snow has long since melted, but are not complaining about the nice weather! If we'd known it would be this nice, we would have put in a winter crop of greens in the greenhouse!

My sister was kind enough to lend me a box of letters and articles that my father wrote (He left when I was three, so I have no real memories of him), and I have been immersing myself in his wonderful spirit of the joy of learning of God's creations. He was a botanist, and for a time had a weekly wildlife column, when they lived in Virginia before I was born. I wish he were here, for me to glean knowledge from, but for now, his words will have to suffice. I'll have to share some of those articles with you (Perhaps a weekly column?)~I'm sure you would enjoy them, too.

Till next time,

May the peace of the season descend upon you,

May the Lord keep you and watch over you and those you love,

Until the day of His return.


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