Monday, October 26, 2009

The Blessings of Autumn

Dear Friends,

We have been glorying in the riches of gold and scarlet, as the trees have been transformed through the yearly miracle called autumn.

To walk through the woods in a breeze, watching the fluttering leaves as they catch a shaft of light before falling to the ground, returning to the earth in a never-ending cycle of renewal. To breathe in the scent of leaves mingled with the earth, which will soon be enriched by them. To feel the absolute calm of all growing things, as they settle down for rest. To be surprised by new growth appearing at the base of the perennial plants,

Motherwort, readying for next year's growth.

and the buds on the trees, readying themselves even now for next spring's awakening. All these things make our hearts fill with gratitude and awe, at the perfection of the natural world.

These things could not just have occurred by accident, and our spirits soar at the thought that the same One who created the earth, created us, just as perfectly. Our spiritual lives, as well as the earth, follow a cyclical pattern of growth and rest, and rebirth, though these may be harder to observe. May we be like the earth, trusting in our Maker in each season of life. May we learn when to rest, when to grow, and when to prepare for new growth just as the plants and trees do.

As those of you who have been following this blog for a while may know, we decided to make this the year that we learned about and utilized as many of the good things of the earth as possible, both for medicine and food. While our tummies have been filled with surprising new tastes, we believe that our spirits have been filled most of all. We were not prepared for the shift of consciousness that comes with truly opening our eyes and seeing what God has put here for us to use, the only cost being our effort in harvesting and enjoying.

Sumac berries make a wonderful "lemonade"

We began seeing the whole natural world differently, to feel more deeply in tune with what was in season, and realizing the great abundance and provision which is everywhere to be found. We found ourselves becoming more deeply saddened, as well, by the abuse that this dear earth receives from its inhabitants. Especially by those that profess to believe in God. "How can we profess to believe in the Creator, if we destroy His creations?" I can't remember who made this statement, but it should be passed along everywhere! We cannot control what others do, but let us, dear friends, strive to honor God by living in a more peaceful manner on the earth, and not seeking to destroy every wild thing that might appear in our lawn (I'm speaking of dandelions here :) )! Let the rest of the world call us crazy (They probably already do, anyway).

I truly hope that you have been able to spend time in nature lately, whether in a city park or in the mountains, far away from humanity. I hope that you will keep a little notebook of observations about weather, animals, birds, and whatever else is around you, too~you will be surprised how much it will mean to you after a few years! May the Lord continue to open our eyes to the wonder of this beautiful, beautiful, world. May we let Mother Nature nurture us, through whatever season of life we may find ourselves right now.

Blessings to you and your family today.




  1. oh sigh...what a lovely season you are having. I just love that photo of your two girls with their arms around little Lizzie and Jane Bennets. Oh, to have a sister! What lucky little ones you have...

  2. Autumn looks beautiful in Idaho glad you can get out and bask in it!
    The kids look like they are enjoying the season as well such cute pictures ~mmmmmmm that lemonade sounds nice! What a blessings to be back to nature and a more natural way of living.
    Enjoy the season Blessings Heather

  3. This season keeps me reminded that "every good and perfect gift comes from the Father". It is all so glorious, isn't it? I love to walk in the woods, during every season, but especially in the Fall. Walking on the golden carpet of fallen leaves, smelling the clean fragrance after a rain, seeing the busy creatures gathering and preparing for the coming winter, and am charmed by the little surprises of mushrooms, berries, grasses that dot the forest floor! Surrounded by God's awesome tapestry! And He did this for me to enjoy! Wow!
    Yes, Blessings, indeed! ;~}

  4. It looks like the root children are gong to sleep for the winter. Beautiful photos by the way xoxox Clarice

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  6. Beautiful... ;)
    Autumn is such a
    delicious season~ is it not?!

    Love~ Miss Jen

  7. Audrey and Tasha (trusting I have their names right) really take the cake with their picture together. And you take the cake with your consistently great and thankful attitude. I want it to rub off on me, hands down

  8. Such lovely pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.



  9. My dearest friend,

    What joy it is to stop by and share in your day!

    Everything, just like Lady Farmer shared, comes from The Lord! And yes, we must tend to this creation that has been a gift to us all.

    Gracias querida amiga por tu amistad y tus bellas palabras. Me siento totalment bendecida por haberte visitado.

    Que tu linda familia continue aprendiendo de nuestro Creador y sigan manteniendo sus ensenansas.

    Con mucho carino,


  10. Marqueta! What gorgeous pictures! The ones where your children are walking along the log, and the little burried in the leaves, and of course the one of you as you gazing out across the beauty of the Lord's creation.... aww, what a breath of fresh air I bet it was for you and your family that day.

    Thanks for sharing with your bloggy friends! Have a beautiful day, Love in Christ, Deanna

  11. What beautiful photos and a beautiful family! We are going to learn more and plant herbs next spring and hope to use them for health and healing as well.
    Warm wishes.

  12. What beautiful photos and writing! I could not agree with you more about taking care of what our Maker has so graciously given.

  13. dear mama,
    i like autumn i love you and i like you.


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