Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On Letters

Hello, dear friends! I hope you're having a beautiful autumn day. We had a lot of rain yesterday, but it's drying off now, and the sun is shining. A perfect day for airing out the bedding, as well as ourselves!

I've been posting quite a few letters written by my father, in hopes of getting them all safely copied and then handing the originals back to my sister for safe-keeping. Reading his letters truly makes me mourn for our culture, that has, for the most part, lost the simple art of keeping in touch through putting pen to paper. I am grateful that my father was a good letter-writer, for I feel that I have truly come to know him through his words. Here is a link to my father's blog.

I would like to encourage us all to sit down and write to someone we have not kept in touch with, today. I am going to write to my Aunt Rose, who is my father's last living sibling.

May you have a blessed day, dear friends.




  1. i agree....i love letters, but no one seems to write them any more. people hardly send cards as well, which is unfortunate. I didnt get one birthday card in the mail this year...just a list of facebook birthday greetings :P it felt a little flat...

    i always had pen pals as a kid and home a few friends that i write or send post cards to. we mustnt let letters go.... :)

  2. I just got a letter from my youngest sister (whom I think I told you about when I first discovered your blog) today. It was such a relief. She is fifteen years younger than me, and - believe me - we have had our struggles! Today's letter, however, was a real source of encouragement.

  3. Beautiful.... *sigh*
    indeed letter writing is
    so scrumptious... it is truly

    Love Always~ Miss Jen

  4. I peeked at the blog you've set up for your father's letters and I can't wait to sit down with a warm cup of coffee and read!

    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your thought! I do hope to continue on with more of the book of Jeremiah. I may have to pause for a bit though as soon we will be focusing on Advent devotions.

    love to you,

  5. Dear Marqueta,

    I love letters -- writing them and receiving them, though no one would ever know by viewing my outgoing mail over the last few months! As I feel better and better, I hope to remedy that soon!

    Based on his writings, I'd say your father was an interesting and intelligent man.


  6. Hi Marqueta!
    I wanted to thank you for being a bloggy friend as I took this opportunity to invite you to become a 'friend' at my new little blog where I keep my Bible study thoughts- "To Know Him"

    Thank you and I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

    Blessings and love,


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