Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's is Coming~

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for visiting us today~ we welcome anyone that might be new here and hope you enjoy your stay.

We are grateful that February is such a short month, since it is such a wintry one! But in fact, it's hard to believe that the month is almost half over. Tomorrow we'll be celebrating Mr. Lincoln's birthday with a little tea party, and then Valentine's of course marks the middle of the month. The dolls have already begun sending their cards out, so we'll have to get busy and send some in return~ Tasha's "Kitten Post" will be busy, indeed!

We've been enjoying (or trying to enjoy) lots of snow storms lately, but thankfully we have not had the amount that other parts of the U.S. have been blessed with! :)

It's never too cold to play with dolls~ although we think that Kathleen's toes will be quite chilly!

The backyard~

And beyond the backyard~Wolverine Canyon is out there somewhere!

I don't think the poor chickens found any bugs outside today~
At least they could take a few dust baths!

We finally managed to finish the china shelves Mr. Graham made last February (hee hee), complete with curtains to hide the more prosaic items on the lower shelves~

All this pretty china came from thrift stores~as did the tea cup fabric!

We've been having fun getting ideas for Valentine's parties in the 1909 February edition of "The Mother's Magazine", although we're not sure we would survive inviting twenty children over for tea, as one article suggests! There are so many fun and interesting things in these old magazines; we grab them up when we find them at an economical price. :)

May you find joy in the tasks that each day brings, and find time to celebrate the little things that add up to mean so much.




"A novel and exciting auction was held previous to the supper. Each girl had provided a valentine of some sort. These were offered at bargain prices to the young men by Madge's brother Bob, who cheerfully offered his services as 'auctioneer', gratis. No one was allowed to bid after one valentine had been knocked down to him, and many and laughable were the bids--a pound of candy, an escort home, constant and undivided attention one, two and three months, and proposals without number, and many too nonsensical to mention, appealing only to those directly interested."

~from "A Journey Through Valentine's Land", Mother's Magazine 1909


  1. Oh my! I love your shelves and the little eyelet borders are just precious♥ You know we usually have a Valentine's day cookie decorating party for a houseful of kids. It is sooo much fun! We won't be doing it this year as Valentine's Day comes on a Sunday. I blogged about it a while back if you want to view the mayhem-

    But be forewarned white flour, white sugar and artificial everything abounds at these parties;)

  2. Dear Mami,

    I like the shelves, too! Kitten Post is going to be very busy, indeed!:)
    It is to bad Kathleen's shoes got lost, isn't it?:)♥

    The chickens aren't very happy with winter, are they?;) But at least it melted enough for them to have a little fun!!!
    It was fun to take the picture of the hill! The china shelves are very pretty!:0)

    I love you and I like you!=)



  3. Hahaha I love little Audreys comment on the blog so sweet..... and little Frankie all bundled while the dolls do a polar bear and go shoeless in the cold!! The shelves are wonderful and I am drooling at all the pretty dishes.....I would get nothing done with dishes like that it would be a constant tea party lol!! Have a wonderful Valentines ~Blessings Love Heather

  4. For a moment Marqueta I thought your shelves were part of a display in a vintage shop! So pretty:-) Happy Valentine's Day--we're having a little party here today with our Nature Club, we've got glue and glitter stuck to everything! LOL!

  5. Dear Marqueta!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you! I have to mention that the picture of you and your husband on your side bar just caught my eye! You look so very beautiful- the red looks so good on you! What a good lookin' couple!

    The china shelf is very nice! What a wonderful collection. I really like shopping the thrift stores too.

    *Thanks for sharing the breakfast recipe with me. I've not tried sprouted wheat berries for breakfast yet, I look forward to it though. Do you add anything to it like milk or sweetner?

    Sending some warm Valentine's hugs,

  6. Dear Marqueta,

    The Valentine cards are so lovely! Tasha Tudor would certainly approve! The snow is beautiful, and you have lots of it too! Ours has just about melted completely away, but we did so enjoy it!

    I love your shelves and all of the pretty vintage china! The lace is the perfect touch. You have a lovely collection and displayed it all so beautifully!

    Keep warm and have a Happy Valentine's Day with your sweeties!

    Love, Paula

  7. Dear Marqueta,
    your shelves turned out charming. I know you will have a Valentine's full of love xoxo Clarice

  8. Dear Marqueta~Happy Valentine's Day to you! I see your children have penpals in France? I just love the shelves and the lovely china~very nice. Such beautiful photo's you took of the snow covered land. God bless, Rose

  9. How beautiful of you to share a bit of your home :)

    The shelves filled with loving treasures...the teapots are just lovely!

    Oh dear friend...I have chicken envy:)



  10. Dear Marqueta, I love, love the shelves! They are so pretty! It looks as if you've found some really pretty dishes.

    If you DO have 20 children over to tea, please do post about it -- pictures and all. Okay? :)

    I love the old wisdom you share from your reading.


  11. Oh, my goodness...I just found your blog...not even sure from where! What a beautiful home and family you have. Enjoying the visit into your lives.
    May the Lord bless your day abundantly,


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