Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Of Bird Song and Elegant Economy~

Good morning, dear friends!

Last night must have surely worn out Mr. Jack Frost, for he has covered every hard surface with beautiful, though sharp-looking crystals. The other day he did the same, and the sun came out and transformed everything into a beautiful fairy-land. As we drove into town, we felt that we had quite literally walked into a story book! I was certainly glad that there was no one else on the road, as I was most definitely not focusing only on driving :) .

I wanted to share with you my beautiful breast pins that were hand-crafted by my dear friend Lynn, of A Mother's Journal~

This one I bought from her brand new Etsy shop, A Bit of Bird Song~

And this one she sent me because she loves me :) .

Aren't they just perfect? Lynn has been quite busy, crafting sweet birdies, pins, and other magical things! I feel very blessed to have come to know her and her family through her blog.

Have you had a chance to watch the BBC's "Cranford" and "Return to Cranford", on PBS' Masterpiece Classics? The girls and I watched them both online, since we don't have television access. We have all fallen in love with the story, and the many little happenings of the simple, gentle folk of this small, fictional English town. I ordered the book by Elizabeth Gaskell and have been enjoying reading it, very much.

One of the things that I loved the most was learning the term "Elegant Economy". I believe that words are very powerful, and can change our perceptions of things. The ladies in Cranford are for the most part "of reduced circumstances", but all of them practice what they call "elegant economy", being careful with their funds, yet genteel and refined. Here is how Mr. Webster defines the words "elegant" and "economy":

elegant: Polished; polite; refined; graceful; pleasing to good taste; as elegant manners.

economy: A frugal and judicious use of money; that management which expends money to advantage, and incurs no waste; frugality in the necessary expenditure of money. It differs from parsimony, which implies an improper saving of expense. Economy includes also a prudent management of all the means by which property is saved or accumulated; a judicious application of time, of labor, and of the instruments of labor.

Isn't that wonderful? From now on, we shall be putting into practice "elegant economy" when we shop second hand stores and yard sales for beautiful, useful household goods and clothing, and when we reduce, reuse, and recycle! :)

Here is wishing you a most beautiful day,




" 'Elegant economy'! How naturally one falls back into the phraseology of Cranford! There, economy was always 'elegant', and money-spending always 'vulgar and ostentatious'; a sort of sour-grapeism, which made us very peaceful and satisfied." ~Elizabeth Gaskell


  1. Oh I love the pin..Stay warm my sweet friend:) Blessings, Love, Faye

  2. Lovely photos of a frosty winter wonderland!
    Elegant Economy ~ I like that so much better than saying I am trying to be frugal.
    Oh the pins are lovely!

  3. A fairytale wonderland, indeed! The photos are marvelous!
    Your pins are sweet! I never think to wear things such as that.
    I borrowed Cranford from the library in town but I suspect it will be awhile before Return to Cranford is available. I liked it so much, perhaps I should just buy it!
    I loved this post, Marqueta! You have such a charming way with words and descriptions!
    I think I shall begin the practice of elegant economy, also! But I shall spare no 'economy' in wishing you a week full of 'elegant'sunshine!

  4. Lovely~ dear!!
    Beautiful winter wonderland
    *sigh* ;) Your pins are
    so lovely and elegant!
    The quote from Cranford is
    simply marvelous too!!


    Love~ Miss Jen

  5. Lynn's pins are lovely! And my older daughters and I love Cranford--we went over my Mums one night and we all watched the Return together and drank chai and ate Italian cookies--very good:-) The frosty pictures are so pretty, even if I am in the mood for Spring right now!

  6. what beautiful pictures you shared! Of course we do not get snow like that all the way down here in the south. But I have to say the winter has been exceptionally cold for us this season and even stranger the winter freeze has settled upon us for longer than we have ever known. It seems that the south has truly experienced a winter. As each day comes I have been longing for our Florida Sunshine and it just hasn't arrived yet *smiles*

    I like 'elegant economy' and the breast pins are so very cute!

    blessings, Deanna

  7. Hello Marquetta~ just a lovely post! We will be practicing "elegant economy" in my household, also. The pins are lovely that your friend made. It snowed here all last night. Icy cold!! Jack Frost did paint everything white~it does look beautiful outside. A gift from our Heavenly Father to bright up our little part of His world. Blessings, Rose

  8. Elegant Economy we will be praciticing along with you over here. Beautiful pins and wonderful visit from Mr. Frost ~Have a Blessed Day ~Love Heather

  9. Dear Marqueta,

    I do love you! Thank you so much for featuring my pins. You are very sweet. I am sorry I have not been over sooner this week. Our weather has been unusually icy too (for North Carolina, really) and I have had a tire that split and was too dangerous to drive on, so had to spend some time getting that taken care of. I am thankful we did not wreck. It caused us no harm and was found when I went in for an inspection and oil change. (So a bit of two days this week spent at the car garage!)

    Our little Annie has also been spayed this week, so I have been on the go on my every off day. I've been thinking of you. We received your lovely package and it lifted my spirits so much! Everything in your package was elegant. I love your words for today!

    Today is a work day, of course, but I thought I'd take my breatk and visit you.


  10. I adore Cranford too. What a wonderful place to live. Have you seen Larkrise to Candleford? If not then do watch it (start at the beginning). I'm certain you'd love it. Take care and stay warm. love Eli
    Link to the story -

  11. Dear Mama,

    I LLLOOOOVE YOUR posts!:)





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