Saturday, February 20, 2010

From the Stillness. . ..

A happy Saturday to you, sweet friends!

It is a beautiful, yet chilly day here at Merry Hearts Cottage, and we are spending the day ALONE! Mr. Graham and the children have all gone to visit in another state, and I shall be spending two days to myself, which I have not done since being married. Let me tell you, it's a little quieter around here! A little TOO quiet!

It has already been a blessing for me, though, to be able to appreciate just how wonderful it is to have the noises, little and big, each day of my life. The laundry, the dishes, and the books and bits of paper around the house have even been comforting things, reminding me just how much love there is contained in this little house, and how blessed I am to be at this point in my life.

May I remember these things the next time I feel overwhelmed with the little daily annoyances and interruptions!

I have been recording a tape of poetry for the children to listen to while they go to sleep at night, from a very old book I was blessed to find at the thrift store yesterday. I have made a few tapes here and there of books, poetry, and song, for the times when I cannot spend alone time with them, and they really love them. Some of my most treasured possessions are a few cassette tapes that my father made while dying of cancer, with his life story and the cowboy songs he loved to sing.

If you can spare a little time, I would encourage you to record your life history in your own voice, for your posterity, and make copies to keep in a safe place~ And to record the older members of the family, before they pass on to where we can hear their voices no more. You will be glad you did!

I have also been reading a book printed in the early 1900s by Dr. Mary R. Melendy, called "The Perfect Woman". Maybe I'll be perfect by the time everyone returns tomorrow evening, if I'm lucky ;) !

Here is an excerpt that I think you would like:

"Woman's Love Stronger Than Death"

Woman's love is stronger than death; it rises superior to adversity, and towers in sublime beauty above the niggardly selfishness of the world. Misfortune cannot suppress it; enmity cannot alienate it; temptation cannot enslave it. It is the guardian angel of the nursery and the sick bed; it gives an affectionate concord to the partnership of life and interest; circumstances cannot modify it; it ever remains the same to sweeten existence, to purify the cup of life on the rugged pathway to the grave, and melt to moral pliability the brittle nature of man. It is the ministering spirit of home, hovering in soothing caresses over the cradle, and the death-bed of the household, and filling up the urn of all its sacred memories.

Isn't that beautiful? May we strive to be true to the standard which the Good Lord has given us as women and homemakers, or whatever our lot in life.

A blessed weekend to you,

From the quiet cottage of

Marqueta :)


  1. Marqueta,
    So glad to hear your getting a bit of "Mother Culture", a term Charlotte Mason used for filling our mama cup once in awhile:-) The book sounds like a good one, hope you'll share a few exerpts here and there.

  2. Oh Dear One...How blessed you are!

    When the Lord allows us to have quiet times, like the one you are now having, it brings everything into perspective. You begin to look around your world and realize how truly blessed you are!

    What a lovely gown you are wearing and the bonnet is just marvelous!

    Enjoy your quite time dear friend :)


  3. A lovely quote. Enjoy your little break. =)

  4. Marqueta,

    I hope you are enjoying your time alone. It is very weird to be alone after you are a momma! ;o)


  5. Oh Marqueta, you look charming. I know it feels strange, but enjoy this time. It is important you and your children that you do oxoxox Clarice

  6. Oh I do not do well alone in a quiet house I much rather have it spilling over with noise and people and dogs everywhere lol!! and to think when just Adrian is gone I go loopy!! :O I do hope you enjoy your little break. It will be all the more wonderful to get some hugs from everyone when they come back home. That is a very nice idea to record your voice Adrian and I will have to sit down and do that. My husband is a wonderful Narrator we love to have him read to us especially Tolkien.
    I love that picture you did such a wonderful job on that dress!!
    Blessings Love Heather

  7. Dear Marqueta,
    Just had to say how absolutely sweet you look in your regency -style dress.I love how the colour matches the background of snow and blue sky! Your girls are lucky to have such a loving and original Mummy.
    My 'kids' are now 22 and 24 but I remember so clearly how time on your own is pretty non-existent when they are young. Enjoy yours- you deserve it!

  8. Marqueta! You look so very lovely and charming!!

    I know what ya mean about the house being so quiet- you really do miss all the noise after all :O)

    I love it when my husband and family are home.

    But every now and then a nice quiet reminder does help me to be encouraged when the dishes, the laundry, and the schooling seems to be a neverending cycle.

    Oh I do hope you had such a nice time of stillness though!

    Praise to the Lord,

  9. Dear Marqueta, I do love your dress, and your hat! You are lovely!

    Doesn't all seem still without little feet and little voices? You have shared something that helps us all, however. A reminder to enjoy that noise we have around us! It is a sign of love and life.


  10. That is a beautiful dress! I like your idea of recording stories, etc. I have wanted to do that for my nieces and nephew :)

  11. Marqueta... you look so sweet and adorable in your dress. I know how you feel about your solitude... it seems when the children are all around and underfoot and overhead, I think about how much work I could get done if they were gone for an afternoon. But then when they are gone, the house seems so empty it's hard for me to settle on anything. Silly me!

  12. Marqueta, you won! Check the post to see which book:-) Such suspense...LOL!

  13. Dear Mami,
    I was ***SO*** sad to leave you for two days!!!!!
    I was so happy to come home to you!
    I bet it was lonely when we were gone! But, it was fun to see family!!!:)

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