Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cute Baby Update

Dear Friends,

How can I resist sharing a few pictures of Rebecca with you today? I think we may have only a few hundred pictures or so of her, so I'll just share the very best :) .

Eskimo and Friend

The Sailor Sweetheart

"So there!"

Beautiful Dreamer

"Are you done yet?"

"There's that camera again!"

Gingham Girl

Sweet baby bubbles

I hope you've enjoyed our little Sweet Pea as much as we do! We're still busily trying to fix the floor in the bathroom (we have friends coming to our rescue this weekend) and getting ready to move. We've also been harvesting and preserving as many herbs as we can to have on hand for the winter months.

May you have a wonderful day!




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  2. She is so very cute, Marqueta! I just love that top photo ~ I do hope you have that one hanging on the wall! (Well, it is probably packed, now, but hope it gets put on the wall at your new home!)

  3. Dear Mama,
    Rebecca is so cute!I Love her so much:)
    I love you & I like you.
    Love ~ Tasha

  4. Dear Mama,
    Rebecca is s♥ cute!☺
    I think she liked having her picture taken s♥metimes, and ♥ther times she didn't☺!
    I l♥ve y♥u and I like y♥u!

  5. Darling wee babe! Enjoy your herb harvesting! =)

  6. The sweetest sweet pea indeed thank you for sharing all that sweetness ~Love Heather

  7. Dear Mama,
    I just wood like to say she is so cute (agin):~)
    I love you & I like you.
    Love ~ Tasha

  8. Such a cutie. First I could see you Marqueta, then I thought she looked like Audrey but by the end I decided she's miniture image of you all. Gorgeous. Eli x

  9. Dear Marqueta,
    What a gorgeous baby!
    That little sailor outfit and the expression on her face is precious.
    Glad to hear things are going well.
    Love to you))

  10. Whoah! She's got my heart! Hook, line, and sinker! Thanks again for cheering me up, as you always do whenever I visit here. By the way, pray for me. I am about to join and church, God willing, which I love dearly. Notwithstanding my love for them, there are a few "bones" I have to spit out - such as the presumption that any "Mormon" is not "saved". Though I have never bothered to compare notes with you on all the "nitty gritty" doctrines that a believer in Jesus Christ, such as myself, would be expected to sharply differ on from a Latter Day Saint such as yourself, I love you as a dear older sister, and would not think of you as lost, for one moment.

    Yet, God willing, I will be joining this church. If they knew that I was just a good friend of yours, they'd flip! Of course, I know that - since God knows - that is what really matters - and I know that he approves. You sure have arrested a lot of my prejudice against Latter Day Saints.

  11. By the way, I l♥ve the way your daughters go out of their way to say they l♥ve AND like you! "Her children rise up and call her blessed - her husband also, and he praiseth her" (Proverbs XXXI.28)

    Also CONGRATULATIONS to Ken on finding a job. Just pray for me, because I still need a paying job (not to mention a wife and family - and, sister, if I can have half the wife and family your BLESSED husband has, I'LL flip!)


    By the way, did Audrey take this picture (her name is in the bottom right corner). She sure did a great job, if so.

  13. Oh Marqueta, que nina tan linda!!!

    Me gustan todas las fotos que tomastes :)

    She looks wonderful dear friend...just like her mami;0)



  14. PRECIOUS!!!
    She is SO adorable!

    Love~ Miss Jen

  15. She is growing so fast and is so adorable! Very photogenic but all babies are in my opinion.

    Love Erika

  16. Oh Marqueta she is so lovely! And what a gaze, she seems to be an old soul. She's so sweet, thanks for sharing photos~

  17. beautiful baby, indeed!
    blessings, Deanna


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