Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let's go to the Fair!

Dear Friends,

A happy September to you! We celebrated by holding our annual Doll's Fair (for the small dolls) today, and by tearing up the floor in the bathroom (we really know how to party, don't we? ;0) ).

The fair had to be held indoors this year, due to inclement weather, but everyone agreed it was a wonderful time!

~The art display~

~The beetle race~

~The knickknack booth~

~And a lovely ride for everyone~

~Of course, Elvis put in a guest appearance!~

~And so did a little Button Nose!~

~Aprons for sale~

And here is the no-less exciting "mending the floor" part~

~Miss Tasha helping to mend the "lovely" hole in the bathroom floor~

~And Evangeline took this picture of yours truly (seems everyone is a photographer these days!)~

~Of course we took time out to love the baby~

We didn't quite get the new piece of plywood cut to fit just yet (it's on the slate for tomorrow), but tearing up the old floor was quite enough of a workout for one day! One more reason we'll be awful glad to see Mr. Graham, (Who, incidentally, has announced that he has found employment in Kansas City! Yay! We should be moving sometime in October, after his initial training period has ended. Better get the rest of those repairs done, now!

We hope that you enjoyed our little fair~ really, we wish you all could have been here, too. We have a sneaking suspicion that Tasha Tudor was peeking at it from Heaven. :)




  1. Just lovely Marqueta! Tell your girls they have quite the imagination:-)

  2. Oh dear friend, I remember how it was when we had to sell our house and how we needed to finish up some repairs before we sold it!

    The girls fair...just perfect for the first day of September :)

    Hurray for Mr. Graham and Our Lord providing employment for him. Don't forget to email me your new address.

    Con mucho carino,


  3. Dear Marqueta,
    The fair was just lovely. Thank you for sahring
    I am thrilled to hear of Mr Graham's emplyment. Wonderful news
    Hve a look at our Tasha Tudor day , when you ahve a spare minut

  4. What a delightful way to celebrate the first of September! I think it is splendid, indeed, that you can celebrate and work all in the same day ~ makes the work so much more pleasant when such festivities are happening! ;~P
    So glad to here that Mr. G has found a job! Such excitement in the days ahead for you!

  5. What a lovely fair it turned out to be! So imaginative! I am very impressed ~

    Your work on your home has kept you so very busy! You are doing such a great job! I hope and pray that everything works out for you quickly and you can send us good news of your moving. :)

    Take care dear friend!

  6. YaY! What good news that your husband has found a job! An answer to prayer! I know you and all the kids must miss him so, and soon you'll all be reunited!

    The fair was lovely and I especially loved the picture with 'little button nose' in it!

    Blessings to you while you finish up the repairs in your home before following your husband to Kansas City, may the Lord's grace and strength be with you all as you pull together with team work while Daddy is gone.

    As always, thank you for your inspiration and words of encouragement that you share at my blog :o)

    Love, Deanna

  7. So sweet...what lovely memories you are making for your little ones...everyone seems to have had a grand time...thanks for sharing with us....blessings

  8. Dear ♥Mama♥,
    The doll fair was very fun, indeed1
    it would have been fun if we held the fair outdoors, but indoors was fine, too!:)
    I love you and I like you!

  9. Best fair day I have ever seen!

    Your bathroom floor brings memories of our own redos etc when we had an 85 yr old house.

    Congrats on the job and the moving in October! How exciting.

    Love Erika

  10. Dear Mama,
    It was fun to do the fair,I liked it.
    I Love you & I Like you.
    Love ~ Tasha


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