Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Autumn

Dear Friends,

A merry autumn to you! We've been enjoying very fine weather lately, with golden sunrises and sunsets, golden flowers, and golden birds enjoying the golden flowers, too. :)

My friend Heather has a lovely quote on her blog from Laura Ingalls Wilder about taking time to enjoy nature each day, and this is how we feel, too. This time of year we want to be outside and recharge our Vitamin D cells whenever we can~ If only they would STAY charged all winter!

We have been blessed to be able to gather a few pounds of elderberries up in Wolverine Canyon, and plums from my brother's tree~ with each harvest our hearts are filled with gratitude for the fullness of the earth this time of year. We want to be like the busy bees, who are working with all their might to preserve all the goodness from every flower that they see.

We treasure the light of candles that light the longer nights~

And clothes (and monkeys), fresh from the line~

Making a real fire to cook on (sort of)~

And playing with snails that we found at our new secret spot in Wolverine!

May this autumn bring harvests both physical and spiritual, as we take time to savor the love in everything around us.




"True Riches" by Napoleon Hill
1. A positive mental attitude

2. Sound physical health

3. Harmony in human relations

4. Freedom from Fear

5. The hope of Future Achievement

6. The capacity for Applied Faith

7. Willingness to Share One's Blessings with Others

8. To be Engaged in a Labor of Love

9. An Open Mind on All Subjects Toward People

10. Complete Self-Discipline

11. Wisdom with Which to Understand People

12. Financial Security


  1. Wonderful photos of autumn nature...and your little monkey!
    Will you be making elderberry syrup with the berries? I would like to try to make our own this year. I will have to purchase some dried berries, as our elderberry tree is the poisonous kind! :)


  2. Dear Mami,
    I like the post!
    I love you and I like you!

  3. Mi Querida Amiga esta es la temporada que mas nos gusta aqui en el Norte. Todo esta dorado! Las flores, el sol, el maiz, las yerbas, las hojar en los arboles...en verda, Nuestro Senor nos quiere tanto que nos ha premiado con la belleza de su Creacion!

    Thank you for such a beautiful always I leave refreshed from your lovely place.

    With love,


  4. Sweet post ...can you do a post on how you preserve and use the elderberries....I am very interested in them....thanks and blessings to your dear family...

  5. More happy times to remember....lovely. I'm sure your 'D' cells are well charged by now. We were told this week that people in northern Britain will always be vitamin 'D' deficient due to the lack of summer surprise there! Happy autumn days to you all. Eli xx

  6. Happy fall memories you are building for your family xoxo Clarice

  7. Happy Autumn to you! What wonderful adventures you are continuing to have amidst all your change! I hope you have a delightful Fall ahead dear friend! Love, Emily

  8. Beautiful fall pictures! I love the poem, each point, something to strive for.
    Blessing to you,

  9. Dear Mama,
    Happy Autumn!
    I Like the post
    I Love you & I Like you <3
    Love ~ Tasha

  10. And Happy Autumn to you too!
    especially liked that monkey on the clothes line. We are experiencing a wonderful "cool-down" in weather here in Florida. After the most wildest wintery frost that we had last winter, it seemed we totally skipped Sping and just Sprang right into Summer.
    (I just giggle about it... it's so funny to me) In Florida we only have two seasons: winter and summer, haheeha.
    We don't get to see the fall change of colors or the new buds of Spring busrting forth from underneath a white ground. But, all the same, there is no complaints- because if you tend to the earth well enough (which I haven't mastered this gardening skill at all yet) you can have a garden year round. and there are differnt flowers and beauty that are flouringing in the winter as well as in the smoltering heat of Florida.
    BUT, I enjoy so much to see all the beauty of the 4 seasons around you where you live. And I especially love to read about your love of nature that goes along with your photos.
    Blessings to you dear friend & and I hope all is well on the homefront about your hubby's job and getting into a new place- your new place of home.
    Love, Deanna

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  12. Happy Autumn, it is lovely here in New England as well:-)

  13. a very merry and lovely autumn to you and your beautiful family! This is such a gorgeous time of year~

  14. Thanks again! You and your family are so blessed!

  15. I love the sunlight in that first photo. I don't think I've read "True Riches" before, thank you for sharing that Marqueta, that really strikes a chord with me.

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