Monday, October 11, 2010

Do You Have an "Idea Bank"?

Dear Friends,

A pleasant day to you~ We seem to be getting our "September weather" in October! We are staying warm and snug inside, while watching snow clouds envelop the hills behind our home. Along with packing and sorting in anticipation of our move (which was been updated to November 5th), we have been taking time to harvest what herbs we can, as well as a few plants that we want to take starts of from the yard.

(Lots of ideas get banked at Grandma's house!)

We have been reading Helen and Scott Nearings' book, "The Good Life", and Sterling W. Sill's "The Best of Sterling W. Sill". Both books are very thought-provoking! The Nearings make me want to be more organized in my daily schedule, and Mr. Sill gives me the desire to make an "idea bank", so I don't forget what I learn from my reading!

Mr. Sill says, "One of the most important businesses in the world is the banking business. A bank is a place in which we keep things safe for future use. We have money banks; we have blood banks; we have soil banks. And it has been suggested that everyone ought to have an idea bank.

"One of the reasons why we have banks to put our money in is to keep it from slipping through our fingers and getting lost. That is exactly the reason for an idea bank. The pocket is not a very suitable place to keep valuable possessions, nor is the head a very good place to keep ideas. In the first place, the brain was never intended as a warehouse; it is a workroom. The brain does not serve very well as an idea bank because it is so full of leaks. Ideas in the brain are like water in a leaky cask. Just try holding a lot of ideas in your mind over a long period and see what happens.

"One of our difficulties is that the forgetting process is an unconscious process. The moment of learning is a conscious moment, but that of forgetting is unconscious. It is like the moment of birth. Presumably we never know that we are being born until some time after it has happened. It is like that with forgetting. We are not conscious of the thoughts that are slipping away from us, and therefore we fail to take adequate precautions against their loss. For a great many people old ideas are being lost far more rapidly than new ones are being acquired. We can easily figure out where this will lead us. . . ."

That one quote alone has my wheels turning quite a bit! We are advised to carry to books at all times, "One to write in, and one to read," as well as memorizing as many quotes as possible so that the important thoughts stay with us more easily. Let us all be more diligent in acquiring and retaining the knowledge that will only serve us when it is in the "bank"!




  1. The idea bank is a wonderful idea...I always have a journal handy ....and I think we all should carry about 5 books at least at once lol!! I usually read several at the same time....some interesting thoughts to ponder indeed ~I pray all is going well with your move ~Love Heather

  2. What a delightful idea. I keep a notebook in my church bag and take notes all thru our meetings. And I have one for my scripture study though I don't keep it with me for that purpose all the time, I forget it....

    But this is a lovely reminder. I hope you and all your little helpers are getting packing etc done but having fun one the side.


  3. November 5th...How wonderful!

    An idea bank is a very good idea, I would say it is almost like carrying a journal with you at all times. It keeps your thoughts in order.

    I have also read "The Good Life". I don't agree with their believes, but I do agree with their way of life and the simplicity they were able to find while living.

    No se te olvide darme tu nueva direccion!

    Con mucho carino,


  4. Lovely idea Marqueta. I have a gardening tips and ideas notebook and also one for the amusing things my children said when they were young. This 2nd little notebook brings back many happy memories and I'm so glad I kept it. Children can say the funniest things!!

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  7. I loved this statement

    In the first place, the brain was never intended as a warehouse; it is a workroom.

    Wonderful, I think I am pretty good at using my brain at a workroom xoxo Clarice

  8. Dear Mama,
    Beckie is so cute!
    ♫You are the best mama ever!♫
    I love you and I like you!
    Graham Sisters

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