Saturday, July 2, 2011

Elegantly Economical Treasures

 Dear Friends,

We are having so much fun volunteering at our favorite thrift store; we're going to have to start filling up boxes and bags to make up for all the fun things we've been bringing home!

Would you like to see some of the pretties that we've found?

We found this beautiful coffee pot that matches a plate we already had~

This sweet figurine that plays "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"~

 And her older sister, who plays "Cabaret", ooh la la! :)~

We also found four of these bas relief plaster pictures,

So now we feel like we're in "Roman Holiday" while we dream (of course, Mr. Graham had to move the bed from this spot to uncover the air conditioning vent, so now we have to dream that it's still over the bed!).

The swag holder is a doll's chair that we screwed into the wall; the swag is a holey tablecloth.

We have found little tinkling bells and lots of doilies to drape over our pink roses~

 . . .And a brass rabbit for family blessings.

This little lady is walking her twin poodles, and begs to have a story written about her (Any suggestions for names?)~

And this ingenious pin cushion is actually made from plastic rings, velvet, and canning jar lids!

There is something hard in the middle that we think is a canning lid.
And this beautiful painting is signed "R. Tolan". Have any of you heard of this artist before?

And lastly, this sweet little bird was found at a different thrift store by my dear mother-in-law, who knows my tastes pretty well!

We hope that you are enjoying all the little blessings that each day brings. We wish all of you a blessed Sabbath, and thank you for visiting Birdsong Cottage today.




"Take life too seriously, and what is it worth? If the morning wake us to no new joys, if the evening bring us not the hope of new pleasures, is it worth while to dress and undress? Does the sun shine on me today that I may reflect on yesterday? That I may endeavor to foresee and to control what can neither by foreseen or controlled~ the destiny of tomorrow?"



  1. You have truly found some wonderful treasures at the thrift store!

    I like the little ladies that play the music the best. You don't seem to make those anymore. I used to have a little shepherd boy who played some music, but eventually his playing mechanism broke, ugh! I was truly disappointed about that!

    Anyway, have a wonderful weekend with your family.

  2. Your 'volunteering' seems to pay wonderfully well! You have brought home some delightful treasures!
    Oh, that coffee pot is so very pretty! I don't drink coffee, but seems like it would make a perfect 'chocolate' pot! I love hot cocoa!
    All of your finds are sweet! And I do find something that blesses me each and every day!
    Summer Blessings to you, my friend!

  3. What lovely finds! I adore the women.. I keep thinking that they remind me of Wren (Clarice's heroine) somehow...Elegant and charming... :P

  4. You found some wonderful new treasures enjoy them my friend ~Love Heather

  5. Love all your sweet finds but,your coffee pot is my favorite...blessings on your sweet home.

  6. It is so much fun to visit the thrift stores...the treasures are usually more that we expected :)

    Con mucho carino,


  7. Isn't it fun to discover new treasures? Love your quote by Goethe! Have a happy 4th of July!

  8. Oh how fun! you've gotten such pretty things! Im collecting doilies now. I think they look so pretty framed in embroidery hoops on the wall, and want to make some bunting out of them too! Ah, fun with doilies ;)

  9. I think Amelie for the pretty girl with the poodle dogs, very french chic! Very envious of your doilies! Have a happy 4th July! Bye for now. Dev x

  10. What a lovely lot of goods you picked up, Marqueta!
    All so feminine and displayed beautifully by you :-)

  11. Your blog I was pleasantly surprised. I wish you luck and to continue publishing

  12. Congratulations. Wonderful site and very well developed. I hope to continue reading your excellent comments

  13. Lovely finds--I just adore the thrift store--hey that rhymes!

  14. Dear Mami,

    Happy 4th of July! The Music Box girl that plays "Cabaret" (Annie) is really younger then the one that plays "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"(Katy) But she Wants to be older, so she tries act and dress more older:).
    I Think that Angle and Margaret
    are both good names for the little girl wearing yellow (Katy and Annie's younger sister). I like the bells they are so pretty!
    I love you And I like you(as all ways:)).

    Love ~ Tasha

  15. What a lot of loveliness! How fun for you. So you are the first to paw through the treasures as they are put out? Hmmm...

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. Oh what treasures! Do you think I have time to swing by and volunteer too? Well, better rethink that after glancing at the to-do list! Enjoy your tresures, dear ladies.


  17. Dear Mama,

    I like all of the things that you found! I think the girl should be named May or Anna.



  18. I have a couple of R. Tolan repros...cannot find any info about this artist, either. The pictures are always nicely framed and double, beveled matting...purchased one of these framed pictures in a dept store some years back and the latest in a thrift store, but both were framed & matted similarly.



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