Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy July!

Dear Friends,

It's hot in July, so what shall we do?
Be like this sunflower and hide?

Why no, we'll take a trip to the zoo!
And maybe go for a ride.

Perhaps we'll go swimming in a big pool,
The way that the polar bears do~

With the Fourth coming up,
We'd better prepare~
The parade is a "really big shoo"!

We'd best fill up the car, and get a top on it, too~
It's too hot to keep down the lid!

In the heat of the day, we can't go out and play,
So we'll just play dress-up instead!


 The gardening is done early in the morn,
And evening when the sun is in bed.

'Cause when we do stay out in the sun for too long,
It gives us a pain in the head!




  1. Such adorable children! Love, love the last picture. The heat gives me a pain in the head too!

  2. Oh, my goodness, Marqueta! I can't believe how your children have grown! Such little ladies and a gentleman. And little Miss Becky almost isn't a baby anymore!
    Going to the zoo is such a pleasant distraction from summer's heat. I would love to go! I especially love our zoo's Nocturnal house ~ I love the cool, darkness and seeing the fruit bats hanging upside down! But I love the elephants, too! (African, of course!)I enjoy watching them cool themselves off with trunks full of water. And so much more ~ but, not the monkeys! I'm not a fan of monkeys. Mostly because secular society insists we are descended from them!!! THAT gives me a pain in the head! :~}
    Glad you had a fun time!
    Summer blessings!

  3. Oh Marqueta...what a lovely brood you have dear friend :)

    A trip to the zoo...that is really a nice treat!


  4. this little blog is a little escape for me. I am always cheered and blessed when I visit. Zoos are happy places as long the animals don't look miserable and look well cared for. KC looks like a nice zoo. I adore the dresses and hats.

  5. I love this post...your children are a blessing to is this blog....blessings to you all...

  6. Marqueta, thank you so much for sharing your precious children with us. So soooo sweet. Playing dress up is a wonderful thing.
    Happy holiday weekend!!!!Smiles and many blessings from the lord Jesus to you and your family~lovingly~

  7. Happy July,
    how funny I am hoping next fall to visit a friend who lives near Kansas City (Liberty). Such a small world xoxo Clarice

  8. a wonderful posting...thanks for sharing, dianne

  9. What great and beautiful children. The Zoo is always a nice place to visit.

    God Bless,

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