Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Tall Dolls' Independence Day Parade

 Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for visiting us today; we love your company! Would you like a glass of iced mint/bee balm tea?

We had a fun parade on the Fourth, to celebrate our country's freedom. We've been doing doll parades for the last four years, and this was the biggest one yet! Of course, we have more dolls than ever before, too. :)

There was a Nature Bature Club float, with Miss Nature and Friends~


Miss USA was in good company, with George Washington and other historical characters~

~The Father of our Country (kind of)~

This float was entitled "Captain Moroni and His Brave Army"~

(Someone's giving Frankie a hand with the pulling)~
And of course the flag led the way!

Little Button Nose had a wonderful entry~
(Although she needed a little help getting going!)

 Evangeline gave the stuffed animals a ride~

 . . .They were presided over by none other than Teddy Roosevelt!

Elsie Dinsmore enacted Betsy Ross, and did a very fine job.

And that was the end of our parade for this year! Now the small dolls will have to start preparing for their Labor Day Fair, which will be here before you know it!

We hope that everyone had a safe holiday, and thank you again for stopping by.




  1. Looks like the parade was a huge success! My girls loved seeing all your dolls! And Captain Moroni looks very sharp (P.S. LOVE his hat!!!) Hope you all are enjoying the lovliness of summer.

  2. Oh, Marqueta, my friend, it brings back such memories of when my boys (and one girl) were little! Boys dominated our backyard play, so more often than not it was GI Joe parades and Gunfight at the OK Corral. We had such excitement! Makes me smile to think about it! So thanks for sharing the parade. I will be on the edge of my seat until the next Tall Dolls' Independence Day Parade comes around.

    And by the way, I would love some mint and bee balm tea. No herbs here except chives and I'm not thinking that would be the most refreshing tea. :)

    Love you,

  3. That looks like the best 4th of July parade ever! I must say Miss Nature is a very daring gal to wear a snake around her neck. Is that where they came up with the term boa? Adorable children as always!

  4. Marqueta ~
    It is so fun to create and carry on family traditions, isn't it? What wonderful memories your children will recall when they are older ~ perhaps continuing them with their own families!
    MMmmm! The mint and bee balm tea sounds delish! Perfect for our (finally!) hot summer days!

  5. You are so cute in your ways. Smiles ,Dottie

  6. Bravo Bravo we are clapping here wishing we could have joined you. We love the parade so glad it has become a tradition. And I can't beleive we have been blogging for years now can you?? Your family just keeps blooming and growing like the prettiest flower ~thanks for sharing all the highlights of the parade.

  7. Here in England my dolls are extremely jealous and now want their own parade. They think your dolls enjoy great fun and if you wake up one day to find all my girls on your doorstep don't be surprised!! Eli x

  8. You and your family are so clever and creative--I LOVED the doll parade! I can hardly wait until the small doll Labor Day parade! I'll get there early for a good spot to watch and wave as they go by!

  9. Dear Mami,
    I think that you forgot the "Turtle crossing" Float. With "Lady land turtle" and "Lady sea turtle"
    (the Picture after The Miss nature Float)I liked the parade it was fun! But I can't pick what float i liked the most, I like them all. It was fun making the Captain Moroni costume and the Miss Nature and Turtle floats.
    I love you and I like you!
    Love ~ Tasha

  10. Dear Mama,

    I like the post a lot! It reminded me that I was going to do a post on our blog about it, if Tasha doesn't beat me to it! I love you!



  11. Now how come we do not have parades around here like this one. I prefer this kind of parade much more!!! xoxo Clarice

  12. My favorite fourth of July parade so far, bar none!!

    Thanks for your encouragements and prayer Marqueta. Today is a bit better. It really helped when I took the advice of the word verification to 'reste'. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  13. WOW! What a FUN blog post! I just stumbled across your Parade and loved every picture! Thank you!


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