Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Pleasures~

Dear Friends,

A wonderful welcome to all of our new followers, and welcome back to dear ones who know us well!

We have been having the most amazing, mild winter this year, that we wish we had put in a winter garden of greens. Our hyacinths and irises are starting to peek out of the ground, and the rose bush out back has put out a few tiny leaves. We hope they know what they're doing!

This silk scarf and glass "fairy wing" pendant were sent to me recently by a friend with whom I attended high school, but didn't get to know very well until we became friends on Facebook. She purchased the pendant, but the scarf was made by her, and matched perfectly the skirt that I was wearing the day it arrived. The rainbows in the glass wings echo the rainbows I had been observing in the dew drops outside my kitchen window just minutes before. I love you, Alice!

Look at the "peacock eyes" on the lace; so exquisite!

We have been busy cutting up many pairs of denim pants that we rescued from our local thrift store, to make into a rug, as well as several aprons from the pockets parts. We've cut up several t-shirts to make diapers for Rebecca, as well, which is a fun and easy sewing project (as long as you don't have a toddler on your lap).

We're also making yet another bonnet out of a broken straw hat; first cutting it to shape, then covering the broken parts with duct tape.We're using an outgrown pairs of velvet baby bloomers for the crown, and cutting up a white dress of the girls' that is not quite pristine anymore. We'll have to wait till our camera batteries charge up before we can show you the completed project.

Truly the first of the year is a wonderful time for getting out all those craft/sewing projects that have languished so long! It's also a great time for clearing out the old, and bringing in the better. The thrift store where we volunteer has been inundated by donations this past week, so everyone must be feeling the same way!

We have recently been enjoying the writings of the Irish mystic John O'Donohue. His audio series "Anam Cara," narrated in his own voice, is truly beautiful and soul-stretching. "Anam Cara" means "soul friend" or "kindred spirit" in Gaelic, and we love the words so much that we can see ourselves using them often in the future.
We also were introduced today (via the radio) to the minister Charles Capps, who presents the Law of Attraction in a wonderful, scriptural way. Thank heavens for the internet, where we can search new people out and be further enlightened. Truly we are blessed to live in this age of shared wisdom!

May you enjoy these videos, if you can watch them, and may you feel the peace of the Lord upon you as you go to work on making this the best year of your lives so far.




  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the day! I love love love the scarf and necklace! So pretty! And they suit you!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. What delightful presents and you look so pretty. Can't wait to see how your projects work out, especially the bonnet. Could listen to an Irish accent all day long. I think I've heard Charles Capps before.

  3. That scarf is so pretty! What lovely gifts. Can't wait to see your bonnet:-)

  4. The scarf is so pretty your friend is very talented to make it.

    I can't wait to see the new bonnet it looks like it will be lovely.



  5. Dear Marqueta,

    Beautiful scarf! And I love hearing about the garden. Winter has been mild for us so far as well, though I keep hearing we'll have snow.


  6. Dear Marqueta,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You always leave such beautiful comments.

    Your scarf and earrings are beautiful, and they complement you well!

    I can't wait to see your bonnet!



  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog Marqueta,

    It was so wonderful to hear from bloggy friends. And I especially thank you for the prayers a hundred times over and over again! I'm so grateful :o)

    That sure is a beautiful scarf!
    With Love in Christ,

  8. Just wanted to say how pretty you are.. and you look perfect in peacock blue.


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