Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Okay to Blog!

Dear Friends,

Good morning to you! Do you feel guilty taking time out of your day to blog, or to read others' blogs? Most of us, especially women, feel like we are neglecting our family if we are not constantly doing housework or schoolwork, or serving others some way. We run and run, day after day, ignoring the cries of the little child inside us that craves expression.

In our humble experience, blogging has been a great way to put thoughts onto paper (so to speak), and to keep track of what is happening with my family. It is an especial blessing when pens and pencils seem to disappear from our desk, where our real journal is! We use our Facebook for recording all the funny things the children say and do, and what is happening around the house; things that would be lost if we waited to write them down. We then go back periodically and print out everything, and keep it in a binder.

Obviously, there must be moderation in all things, and we must do our duties first, but taking a little time to share with others the things that you love can be a healing and transformational process. Besides, sometimes one's family just isn't as excited about our latest thrift store treasures as much as our friends may be! And what fun to see what others are doing, to help us to see that we are not alone in our endeavors to make this world a more beautiful place.

I hope that this might encourage you to feel less sinful/slothful/neglectful if you have a blog, and delight in using it. You never know who will be blessed by your life!



p.s. I found these words of wisdom from a women's magazine from 1876~ I hope you like them: 

'Now, who, more than any one, "shapes and conducts the home?" who creates these "domestic influences," this "medium in which the child is habitually immersed?" Woman. In the name of common sense, then, throw open to woman every avenue of knowledge. Surround her with all that will elevate and refine. Give her the highest, broadest, truest culture. Give her chances to draw inspiration from the beautiful in nature and in art; and, above all, insure her some respite from labor, some tranquility. Unless these conditions be observed, "but little can be done to shape and conduct the home with reference to the higher mental needs of the children who live in it." '


  1. What an encouragement today Marqueta ...Read my post and you will see why. I have let feelings of quilt come from my time on my blog...but,oh what a blessing it has been to me...just as yours and others have been to me as well...there is healing in sharing with others. Blessings to you dear sweet Marqueta

  2. Plus we get to meet wonderful people like yourself, Marqueta! People that are wonderful role models for us all. We all need some time to ourselves just to relax, and children need a little space too. That's how they learn to be independent.

  3. It is so true! I try to use moderation in all things - including my blog. And I am SO thankful for the blog world. I would not have met you! :) And there are so many wonderful kindred spirits online. It's a blessing to have such friends!

    Wonderful post dear friend!

  4. Hello Marqueta,
    A lovely, thoughtful post and very appropriate for me just now. Starting up my blog is taking rather a longer time than I anticipated! I think my DH thinks he's going to become a 'blog-widower'!
    But you're right, it IS a good and wholesome thing to do, in so many ways.
    Reading lovely blogs like yours just inspires us all to aim higher in life: that is no bad thing!
    God bless xxx

  5. I agree with you, Marqueta!
    You said it well!
    I'm grateful for the lovely ladies (such as yourself) who blog and bring blessing into my days.
    I may not always get time to comment, but I look forward to catching up on reading them when time permits.
    blessings..Trish :-)

  6. That was a very nice read for me today. I haven't been online for at least 10 days because I am trying to stay focused on my book and not get sidetracked. But just now, I took a short break, (feeling really guilty about not sitting at the art table 24/7), and hopped on my blogger dashboard to see what's up. So, Hurrah! thank you my dear, I don't feel guilty now, and may just visit a few more of my friends as well!

  7. Mi Querida Amiga,

    It has been a great struggle for me to create moderation in blogging.

    I have been blessed with so many great friends through this venue, that stopping completely is just not possible.

    I miss blogging. I miss sharing what our Lord has shown me for this particular day. Blogging is wonderful, but it is the constant commenting and spending time in front of the screen that has kept me from finding balance.

    Thank you for this today! I needed to read it and to enjoy it. There is nothing wrong with this.

    But like you said, balance is what is needed!



  8. I agree with you completely! It is uplifting to me to read what others are finding to encourage themselves, and blogging has been a good outlet for me!


    PS -- a cute saying I love: moderation in all things, including moderation :)

  9. Amen! I agree.

    If we all lived in a small town next to each other, we would be doing all this in person. That would be very nice, but I think this is the next best thing.

    At first I worried about privacy on the web...but the same goes about the small town. I grew up in one and nothing was kept private. love,andrea

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  11. What a great post, Marqueta! I miss my reading when I am so busy with work. I can't wait for Friday nights to come around so I can have tea and a cooky and do a little reading and visiting. It is like a lovely tea party with my gal pals! I love my blogging friends and am grateful for them!

  12. Dear Marqueta, I would encourage you to also realize that God will speak to someone individually at times although not to others. He is an individual God, personally interested in each heart. It may be He is speaking to one and not the other, for He has purposes especially for growth for one that perhaps ebbing their online time helps to accomplish. While I agree with others that this post is uplifting...I'd also have to add "may be" before those words. For while it is likely that as you and your family have found no conviction (moderation being considered) in your online time, this venue is not for everyone. Addiction doesn't always mean vices we can see. And lovers of our soul can come in many forms and replace God. So, I would hope you could add the addendum: Seek God first and don't make a sweeping generalisation that the computer is bad; merely, seek His will. Is your time bringing your heart, mind, spirit and body more joy than God Himself? Do you go to bed thinking of the computer? The next post? The post you read? Can you quiet yourself into the presence of God? And when you arise...is the anticipation to sit at the computer far stronger than being with Him?

    I do hope you understand my comment. For your post, while very encouraging for the online time (again, with moderation) does little to highlight the actuality of the addiction computer time is for some....

    Humbly, Eileen

  13. Nice words Marqueta, and very true. Thank you. Eli x

  14. Well said Marqueta and very wise. We mother's need time to relax, refresh and energize, so we can what God has called us to do even better xox Clarice


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