Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Month of Sundays

Dear Friends,

We have been enjoying peaceful days at home, cuddling with various and sundry feverish children, and administering lots of hot baths and tea! Thankfully we have a little woods in back of our home, where we can go when all of this "togetherness" gets to us. :)

We have been blessed with a nice, soaking rain, which brought forth a few wood ear and oyster mushrooms, as well as lots of unidentified fungi to admire. The oak and beech trees still are shedding their leaves, which swirl beautifully in the little creek.

They are both a reminder of the autumn gone by, and the spring days to come~

(Some woodland sprite filmed this little video, singing a little song while she did so)

There are a few evergreen vines here and there, further promising the return of warmer days. Nature is a soothing, nurturing Mother, bringing peace to her children as often as they seek her out.
During the month of February, we are joining the King's Blooming Rose Ministry for a "book fast," wherein the only books read (besides school studies) are the holy scriptures. We thought we would take it a step further and only play hymns or religious music. Since we normally listen to classical music around the home, and try to limit anything not "lovely, of good report, or praiseworthy," this is not a huge sacrifice, but we can definitely feel a difference in the spirit of the home. It has been rather humorous to hear our seven-year old remind her little brother that the song he is singing is "not church-related!"

And in other news, we thought we'd show you what the most stylish piano-playing hens will be wearing this spring~ neck scarves made from t-shirts and old, but still colorful towels!

We hope that you are enjoying this week, dear friends. We cherish your friendship and comments.



Dear Lord! Kind Lord!

Dear Lord! Kind Lord!
Gracious Lord! I pray
Thou wilt look on all I love
Tenderly today!

Weed their hearts of weariness,
Scatter every care
Down a wake of angel-wings
Winnowing the air.

And with all the needy
O Divide, I pray,
This vast treasure of content
That is mine today.

~James Whitcomb Riley


  1. You also have feverish children? so do I :( Mine is not really a child anymore, but he is feeling so poorly. I have my river to walk to when the togetherness does get a bit much :)

    Have a blessed week my friend,


  2. I love your chicken! How funny and how fabulous that she will allow herself to be dolled up! LOL I would love to see our girls do that! I think it would not go well!

    Hope all is better at your home soon and all the little sick folks are mended! Take care of yourself, as well, so you won't join them!

    Have a wonderful week, Marqueta!

  3. Only in a place as enchanted as your would the chickens come attired in finery and play pianos, Marqueta! Hope all will get over their early spring feverishness. That Bible challenge would be good to do for Lent. Have a sweet remainder of the week, you lovely gal!

  4. I am sorry to hear your babies have been feverish! I hope all are on the mend and that you stay well.

    Your hen looks mighty talented and musical!

    Enjoy your hymns. Hymns help me always.


  5. I fear our chucks would be very jealous if they could see this picture. Mind you they would need more than t-shirts, more like wooly jumpers and leg warmers. Minus 3 here this morning and still so much frozen snow and ice on the ground. No sign of a thaw at the moment either...bbbbrrrrr. Hope you all feel better soon, keep safe and warm. Dev x

  6. The chicken looks gorgeous! So colorful and springy. I hope all get better soon, we've been getting over pnemonia for hubby and colds for the rest of us. A long walk in the woods is always soothing to the soul. Our flock of birds are feeding like crazy on the back porch they are so entertaining and lovely to watch it distracts you from the runny nose and sore throat. Isn't nature wonderful!
    Love of love,

  7. Sorry to hear about the sundry poorly people...It sounds as tho' spirits are being kept up, nevertheless!
    What a lucky little hen to be one of the family! She looks so bright and cheery.
    I thought the leaf photo was really good, too.
    See you again soon!


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