Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Learn a Little Every Day"

Dear Friends,

A happy day to all of you, and welcome to our newest followers. We hope that you find something to inspire you here!

We are enjoying a beautiful, sunny day, after a blustery, cloudy one. It's a perfect day to hang out the wash, and air the bedding outside. The children spent the night at their grandparents' house on Sunday, so we're a little late in celebrating President's Day (although Grandpa did make sure that we saluted the flag at their place).

Frankie looks like he's all ready to recite "The Gettysburg Address!"

We participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count, and were hoping to see something really exciting,

Like a great-crested fly catcher, or a bald eagle~


But we did see lots of fellows this like, singing their hearts out in the treetops!

Evangeline was so inspired by the roses that Mr. Graham gave us,

That she decided to paint their portrait!

While we were close to the Kansas border yesterday, a few us (my mother-in-law included), decided to visit the Victorian Trading Company "Catalog Boutique," but our dismay, discovered that the store had closed! We had to console ourselves by visiting one of the largest antique malls in America, and oohing and aahing our way through it (Have I mentioned how much I love my antique-loving mother-in-law?)~
Don't you love the creative use of a wedding dress train for a table cover?

This bonnet was made in England in the late 1800s, and was only $50 dollars! We may have to make a return visit when the tax return comes (Are you reading this,Mr. Graham?)!

While looking for a thought to leave you with, we found this little gem from one of my grandmother's poetry scrapbooks. May it bless you today, dear friends!




Learn a Little Every Day

Little rills make wider streamlets,
Streamlets swell, the rivers flow;
Rivers join the mountain billows,
Onward as they go!
Life is made of smaller fragments,
Shade and sunshine, work or play;
So we may with greater profit,
Learn a little every day. 

Tiny seeds make boundless harvests,
Drops of rain compose the showers,
Seconds make the flying minutes,
And the minutes make the hours.

Let us hasten them and catch them,
As they pass us on the way,
And with honest true endeavor,
Learn a little every day.

Let us read some striking passage,
Cull a verse from every page,
Here a line and there a sentence,
'Gainst the lonely time of age.

At our work, or by the wayside,
While the sun is making hay,
Thus we may by help of study,
Learn a little every day.


  1. Evangeline's painting is wonderful! And Frankie looks so cute as Abe. Too bad about the Victorian Trading Company being closed. I love their catalog. That bonnet is beautiful!. Hope Mr. Grahame was reading this.

  2. Lovely flowers! I forgot all about the bird count this year :0( The cardinals have been singing for the girls. It is fun to watch which male wins the girl as they all croon to her.

    I don't blame you on the bonnet. Ashley would love the dress she is very into wedding dresses right now. She wants a Regency dress for her wedding dress. I laugh and think you need a groom too, but not yet growup just a little more.

    Have a lovely day

    Love Erika

  3. Oh how lovely you have been spending your days! :) I would be SO dissapointed in the Victorian Trading Company store being closed! I love their things so much!!! But what a lovely place you did find and I hope you can go back to get your bonnet!!!! :)

    I pray you are all well. Tell everyone hello from all of us here!

  4. Hello, my friend!
    My internet connection won't let many blog pages load completely, so I can't see your photos. Oh, how I wish I could see the 1800's English bonnet and Evangeline's rendering of the roses! Lovely, I'm sure! But I *love* the poem from your Grandmother's scrapbook. Delightful!

  5. I love how much you appreciate your MIL...I appreciate mine so much!

  6. Beautiful picture....Frankie looks so cute! And I am oohhhing also at the antique store!! How fun birding the birds here in Mexico are beautiful, I want to bring them all home with me hehe....have a great week love Heather

  7. It lifts the hearts to hear the birds in full song and ready for spring doesn't it. You all sound to be in full song yourselves and I envy your 'antique trip', wish I could have come along, you'd have had to fight me for the sweet bonnet!!! Eli x

  8. Dear Marqueta,

    Oh my! What?? How could a store like that have closed! I know for a moment my heart would have dropped; but love the way you switched gears and carried on! Wish I could antique-mall-shop with you in person some time.

    Sending great big nearly-springtime hugs as you all bird watch.



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