Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"New Beginnings"~ a Poem for You

Every morn is a new beginning,
A fresh start in the battle of life,

A sweet invitation to conquer
The ills of the storm and the strife.

Yesterday's errors are over and gone;
Yesterday heartaches, sorrows and pain

Are healed by the balm of the quiet night
And will never come back again.

Each new year, a door to the future,
The key in the keeping of all,

A room full of wonderful treasures
Adorning its luminous wall.

The old year with its failures and losses
Fades away like the mists of the sea,

All its wrongs, its tears and unkindness
Are lost in the swell of eternity.

~Grace M. Candland


  1. Such a beautiful post dear friend! Thank you for sharing today!

  2. Such lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing the poem and pictures.



  3. How very true! And adorable photographs to illustrate. Your girls are growing up to be such nice young ladies!

    PS: I put up your Speak softly motto on my blog. Gives it a nice touch. Thank you!

  4. What lovely verses and pictures to boot! Thank you!


  5. What lovely photographs, and the poem was beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sweet words and thoughts,
    and warm tender photos!!

    Lots of Hugs and Love, Linnie

  7. What a sweet post. Such timeless pictures to treasure and your children look adorable. Eli x

  8. Beautiful words Marqueta and I am trying to take some comfort from them. Feeling a little bit low right now. Dev x


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